2022 Daikin Spirit of America Golf Classic gets underway

DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — Since 1967, college and amateur golfers from across the country have flocked to Decatur’s Burningtree Country Club for the Daikin Spirit of America, the club’s longtime fundraising tournament.

The 2022 edition of the annual tournament is officially underway after more than 100 golfers hit the course for the first round.

This year’s field is full of talent, but defending champion Caleb O’Toole is not participating this year, so at the end of the week, someone new will lift the trophy.

Once again there are a ton of local golfers competing, Sam Murphy, a Decatur native and runner up in last year’s tournament. Colby Odom, head golf pro at Burningtree, says the mix of local talent will add to an exciting week full of competition.

“We have a big field. We have a lot of new players coming in, as well as some returning. Sam and Mac Murphy who are local as well as other known locals, Matt Gourgeout, Stewart Whitt, Will Patrick and so on,” Odom said. “They’re going to see golfers doing things they don’t usually do, especially with greens as fast as they are. When it gets to the back nine, everyone knows that’s where you score here at Burningtree, so if you pass the front nine about even, just go to the back nine and turn it on.

The Daikin Spirit of America will run all week with the final round scheduled for Saturday July 2. News 19 will continue to bring you Decatur coverage as the tournament continues.

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