2022 Golden Melody Festival Facilitates Music X Film X Gaming Talks

11 artists and groups performed at SHOWCASE in front of a large audience

TAIPEI, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Golden Melody Festival Event Series performed by Taiwan Television Enterprise officially closed on June 26. This year, the exhibitions were organized around two themes: Music X Drama and Music X Games. Golden Melody Festival events included international conferences, workshops, business matchmaking events, a GMA SHOWCASE concert and a business matchmaking program. The events attracted people from the music, film and games industry. International speakers attended many events via videoconference, sharing with their peers in Taiwan, their overseas practical experiences and the industry landscape. OST Yeram LIM of South Korea CJ ENM, CEO Marc Frieser of the American Sync Summit and President Gary Squid from GO Music shared their experiences of creating film scores. Garry Schyman, an award-winning American composer, dissected the background of game music and gave masterclass students a professional critique of their work. Alongside many high-level professionals Taiwan the film and games industry, Garry Schyman also explored his experiences and challenges when creating music and incorporating scores into film. Their discussions were invaluable for the participants. A total of 259 companies participated in GMA 2022.

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