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The 2022 Pacific USA Pro took place on August 13, 2022 in San Diego, California. A bodybuilding division was presented at this show. Competitors of Bikini took the stage to earn the invite to compete at Mr. Olympia in December.

The 2022 bodybuilding season is underway with athletes around the world showing off their physiques, hoping to secure a coveted invite to the Olympia competition this winter. Olympia 2022 will take place December 15-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The qualifying period for the biggest IFBB Pro League show of the year began on September 13, 2021 and will run until November 20, 2022.

Find the Pacific USA Pro winner below:

2022 Pacific USA Pro Results


Aimee Velasquez received her pro card in 2020 after winning the overall in the United States. She made her professional debut at the 2021 Iron Games, where she placed 8th. Last month she placed 4th at the Chicago Pro, and last week she won the Tampa Pro, securing her spot at the 2022 Olympia. With back-to-back wins, Aimee showed everyone that this n wasn’t lucky.

  • Winner — Aimee Leann Velasquez
  • Second place — Ivanna Escandar
  • Third Place—Yurika Shigemoto
  • Fourth place — Cristiane S. Silveira
  • Fifth place — Malu Duarte
  • Sixth place — Jasmine Gonzalez
  • Seventh Place—Peyton Hunter
  • Eighth place — Laura Moore-Shay
  • Ninth place — Karen, Cheuk Nam Yuen
  • Tenth place — Shantal Barros

2022 Pacific USA Pro Dashboard

Pacific USA Pro Bikini Dashboard 2022
Pacific USA Pro Bikini Dashboard 2022

The anticipation for the biggest show of the year continues to grow. Fitness Volt would like to congratulate the winner on their major win at the 2022 Pacific USA Pro.

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