8 best PS1 games of all time

The PS1 was a historic console that has defined every generation until now. His games will live forever in everyone’s nostalgic memories.

It’s easy to forget how many amazing games were on the PS1 these days. The PS2 eclipsed it in terms of sales and iconic games, but if you browse through the PS1’s full catalog, you’ll realize that there are plenty of games worth mentioning. So many first steps in long-running franchises have happened on this console, while other franchises have had some of their best entries ever.

It was an extremely difficult list to put together, there are so many worthwhile games that failed like Tekken 3, Street Fighter Alpha 3, or many more that we don’t have time to name. What we can promise you is that these games are some of the best ever.

grave robber

After a decade of video games defined by kid-friendly games like Mario in mainstream media, Tomb Raider has arrived and redefined what it meant to be an iconic video game character. Despite her simple design, Lara Croft is one of the most well-known gaming characters of all time, thanks in large part to teenagers on the internet. That aside, it’s one of the best exploration games of all time – despite being mostly linear – and full of memorable moments.

Resident Evil 2

Survival horror was still emerging as a genre when the first Resident Evil came out, but Resident Evil 2 was the game that proved it wasn’t just a fad. Every element of this game is so memorable that people watched it with genuine nostalgia before RE3 was even released. The remake did a fantastic job of capturing that experience, but there will always be something special about the original.

silent Hill

After Resident Evil set the standard for horror, many games have tried and failed to live up to its reputation. Through all these false prophets, a light shone through the dense fog that saved processing power: Silent Hill. It strayed from RE’s action focus to create something slower, tenser, and more terrifying than anything on the market.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Any game that gets a genre named after it must be doing something right, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night deserves that accolade far more than Rogue ever did. Read any “greatest games of all time” list and it’ll be there somewhere. It’s gorgeous, perfectly blends exploration and action, and has one of the best secrets in gaming history; which ironically means that everyone knows it these days.

Final Fantasy VII

This game is so good that modern developers have seen fit to not only remaster it, but completely rebuild it from the ground up to do it justice. At this point, Final Fantasy 7 could be considered its own franchise outside of the mainline Final Fantasy games. Whether you played it as a child or discovered it as an adult, it made you sit up and pay attention to JRPGs in a way you may never have done before.

The Pro Skater from Tony Hawk 2

The Tony Hawk games have had their highs and lows over the decades, but it’s still the game that best captures its greatness. Skateboarding was all the rage in the 90s, and playing this game now takes you back to our simple and fun memories of that time.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The best Final Fantasy games are those that dare to step out of the series’ comfort zone, which is why Final Fantasy Tactics has become such a successful spin-off series. With big tactical encounters – rather than endless random battles that end in a flash – things move much slower but dive much deeper. This allows them to tell stories through gameplay in a way that static encounters cannot.

Solid metal gear

Returning to iconic video game characters, Solid Snake will always be up there. The 3D environments of this game seemed revolutionary. Kojima was still a creative genius as well, but he wasn’t so power-mad to put weird things like Monster Energy or Geoff Keighley into his games. It was a nice balance.

Written by GLHF.

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