A Samsung Phone is Once Again America’s Favorite

It is no secret that Samsung phones have become a lot more popular over the past couple of years, and they are just as popular if not more than Apple, especially in the United States. This, combined with today’s survey that comes from over 23,000 American show just how popular Samsung has become.

A new American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report shows that the best smartphone in the US, as chosen by the consumers, is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. This is similar to the report from the last year which showed a top-spot tie between Galaxy Note 10 Plus, S20 Plus, and Galaxy S10 Plus.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is Apparently the Most Favorite Phone in the United States

You can look at the top 15 phones that were chosen by the responders.

The news is definitely good for Samsung, however, there is some bad news to it, too. You see, last year, Samsung managed to claim the top spot for overall consumer satisfaction with 81 points, and managed to beat Apple with 80 points. This year, though, Samsung dropped a point while Apple stayed at its position, which means that both companies now have a tie of 80 points. Rounding out the top five are Google, Motorola, and LG, respectively.

As usual, the ACSI report of the best smartphones also shows a lot of the older phones including the Google Pixel 4. The more interesting is that companies such as HTC and LG managed to be on the list, too. This only shows that although Samsung and Apple are the preferred choices for consumers in the US, a lot of people are more than happy with older phones and using them, too.

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