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Fox Footy’s David King thinks Jeremy Cameron is “clearly” the best player in the competition, and warns Richmond facing a tough task to stop the Cat star.

Cameron hasn’t missed a game in 2022, sitting second in the Coleman medal chase with 39 goals while averaging more than 15 eliminations per game.

According to stats from Champion Data, Cameron is ranked first in the competition for infield kicks and scoring involvements this year.

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He is also the best kicker in the competition, sitting 13% above the AFL average.

Describing Cameron as a “six-foot-five Dustin Martin”, King said the man scoring was the “most difficult game in the AFL footy”.

“I think he’s clearly the best player in the game right now,” he told AFL360.

“He’s going to take us places we don’t want to go.

“We talk a lot about midfielders going forward. It’s a striker who goes to midfield, it’s the other way around.

“He slips on the floor. His cruising speed holds and maintains a gap on his opponent.

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Cameron will play his 200th game in the AFL when he takes on the Tigers on Saturday night.

And while King said there were shortcomings in Cameron’s game, such as the contested marking, he easily made up for it with his kicking skills.

“He’s not a great contested scorer, but the fact that he’s always back on the coal face opens up opportunities for him,” King said.

“Particularly as a type of roaming midfielder, this type of high roaming half-forward, for a six-foot-five, it’s quite remarkable.

“He’s the number one player when it comes to scoring involvement in the competition from the second round. In the first round he got injured – he scored two goals in the first 20 minutes that day.

“I just think we have to start appreciating what this guy does.”

Cameron plays the role of cats resisting dogs | 02:37

Cameron has already taken 40 points inside 50 this season and ranks second to Melbourne’s Bayley Fritsch in players reaching the scoreboard from targeted entries inside 50.

“I think he’s the biggest challenge in this game on Saturday afternoon,” King said.

“He’s the complete package.

“Good luck finding him, and good luck stopping him.”

Even Cameron’s coach, Chris Scott, is full of praise for his star striker.

“When he first arrived…it wasn’t even the full training, it was just playing with the ball before training that made my eyes pop out of my head” , recalls Scott.

“If I stood 49 yards from the mark and the guy with the ball turned his body to kick, I would have laughed at him.

“But nobody makes fun of Jez.”

Statistically, Cameron has his highest inside tally of 50 against the Tigers.

Richmond also ranks fifth on Cameron’s list of opponents against whom he has averaged the most kills.

Cameron arrived at the Cats at the end of 2020, with Geelong coughing up three first-round draft picks to secure the key forward.

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