All-Ireland GAA Football

The All-Ireland Senior Football Championship is the pinnacle of Gaelic football. So many young Irish boys grow up playing the sport and dream of stepping onto the pitch at Croke Park in front of more than 80,000 people. The competition was first contested all the way back in 1887 and almost every single year since then there has been a championship. The competition is actually an international competition as there are 31 counties in Ireland that compete as well as a team from London and a team all the way from New York.

London and New York typically lose very early in the championship as they do not have a large pool of Gaelic footballers to choose from compared to the top counties in Ireland. The only county in Ireland that does not compete in the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship is Kilkenny. Kilkenny is known for their dominance in the sport of hurling and they have decided to stop competing in the football championship as they do terrible and they would rather not play than get embarrassed. It is interesting that a county has decided not to play at all rather than take part in one of the GAA’s most famous events.

The 2018 championships were incredible and Dublin claimed their 28th title and their 4th title in a row. Only Kerry county have more championships with 37 and it looks like Dublin could be threatening their top spot in a few years. It will be interesting to see if Dublin can claim their fifth title in a row in 2019 as there has been no team in history that has won 5 All-Ireland Senior Football Championships in a row. Dublin is bringing back many of their star players for the 2019 competition and there are few counties that can compete with their caliber of players.