Americans want a national requirement for work-from-home policies

(NewsNation) — Americans have fallen in love with working from home and want to make it permanent.

Nearly two-thirds of the country want the government to require companies to have a work-from-home policy, according to a NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ poll released Thursday. Even more survey respondents would like employers to offer a work-from-home option as a way to protect them against soaring gas prices.

It comes at a pivotal time for the country’s wallets and workplaces. Americans see no relief in sight for gasoline prices; they expect them to be even more expensive in six months, according to the NewsNation poll.

At the same time, employers ranging from Goldman Sachs to Telsa have pushed back against the work-from-home culture.

However, 76% of voters think they work just as well or better in a work-from-home environment, according to the NewsNation poll.

“I think companies should do some incentives and maybe provide some gas money to employees during this time,” Abby Harkins, a 27-year-old wedding planner from San Francisco, said Monday. Her employer requires her to be in office and she has to attend all the weddings she plans.

“I think a hybrid model is always good for business, and I think half the time during the week would be great to save a little money that way, especially on gas,” Harkins said. .

NewsNation and Decision Desk HQ polled 1,006 registered voters Sunday and Monday on topics including gas prices, work-from-home policies, President Biden’s performance, abortion and other current events .

Inflation is America’s number one concern. The price of gas is the most symbolic figure of the rising cost of goods in the country. The average national gas price in the United States topped $5 a gallon for the first time on June 9, according to Gas Buddy.

Meaningful solutions have been difficult to find. President Biden on Wednesday outlined a plan to suspend the federal gas tax until September. However, it is unclear whether such a plan will pass through Congress and, if passed, whether oil companies will pass those savings on to commuters.

American workers, who have grown accustomed to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, are now seeing remote work as a partial solution to easing the impact of high gas prices. According to the NewsNation poll, eight to six percent of voters favor their company allowing them to work from home to save money on gas.

Overall, 63% of Americans support a government policy requiring employers to have a work-from-home option. This number varies by political affiliation, although the idea is popular no matter which party you prefer:

  • 78% of Democrats support a government work-from-home requirement for employers
  • 58% of Republicans are in favor
  • 55% of independent voters are in favor

The Policy Office’s senior data scientist, Kiel Williams, said Republicans are generally opposed to government intervention in the economy. But whatever your partisan preference, the current mood is, “I don’t want to spend money on gas.”

Some Americans accept high gas prices. Stephanie Marquette, 36, a Chicago resident, said she took on expensive rides.

“If (petrol) keeps going up and up and it’s really crazy or people are doing crazy commutes and their boss knows about it, then, yeah, maybe there should be some regulation “, said Marquette. “But honestly, that’s exactly what it is. The gas goes up and down. And I’m so used to it.

NewsNation digital producers Joshua Eferighe and Liz Jassin contributed to this report.

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