ARIA winner calls of gig mid-show

ARIA-winning artist Genesis Owusu has been forced to call off his comeback concert after part of the floor of Sydney’s Enmore Theatre “collapsed” shortly into his set, multiple videos show.

The carpeted floor can be seen with a significant depression but apparently no holes as it appears to wobble in videos uploaded to social media on Thursday night. 

“There’s like a real deep drop after that, so this is actually really dangerous,” Owusu tells his fans from the stage in a video shared by University of Sydney student newspaper Honi Soit.

“You guys are super sick, we’re going to have to reschedule the show because this is like a four-metre drop.”

In another video, an announcer can be heard telling the crowd “don’t walk on the collapsed floor please”.

Owusu, whose ARIA-winning album Smiling With No Teeth took out the prestigious Australian Music Prize hours before the show, had earlier shared how “nervous” and “excited” he was to be playing for the first time in about nine months.

“Yo we sold out the god damn Enmore Theatre and The Forum in Melbourne and the Summerhouse in Adelaide,” he posted to Instagram.

“Been scrambling for the last however long so it never really sunk in but wtf.”

Dean Vardon shared a photo of the aftermath at the Enmore Theatre after the Genesis Owusu show on March 3, 2022. (Dean Vardon/@roti793)

Instead, the first night of the Australian tour was over almost before it began.

“I love you all, you guys have been amazing,” Owusu says in another video shared by a fan in the crowd.

“This is really shit. You guys are f—ing crazy and this shit’s gonna go down in history because you guys are the f—ing craziest crowd and broke the f—ing Enmore in two songs.”

Venue managers Century and touring company Niche Productions have been contacted for comment.

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