Australian Survivor: Sam Gash eliminated in shock blindside

One of this season’s Survivor favourites was just ousted from the game in a move that had even those who voted for them stunned.

Australian Survivor favourite Sam Gash’s dream run came to an end on Monday night’s episode, with the endurance athlete and wife to fellow contestant Mark Wales ousted in a shock elimination.

One of this season’s most heavily featured players, Sam was also one-half of Blood Vs. Water’s only remaining couple and seemed to be in a powerhouse position. Her husband had just won the latest immunity necklace, and the couple still had two unused immunity idols at their disposal.

“We’re in a very good position – you’re not going to go home tonight, because we’ve got two idols,” Mark told her before tribal council.

His confidence continued when they arrived at tribal council, telling host Jonathan Lapaglia it would be “fairly predictable how things are going to go” with the vote tonight – even as his alliance members were busily whispering and scheming with those who were out to get he and Sam.

The votes were cast, and LaPaglia made the customary callout for anyone who’d like to play a hidden immunity idol – leaving Josh, who was privy to some of those whispered schemes, to quietly plead with Mark and Sam to play one of theirs.

“I’m telling you, play it for Sam. Trust me,” he whispered.

“Why? Tell us why,” Sam countered – but it was too late. LaPaglia read the votes, and Sam had received the majority – including, it later emerged, a vote from Josh.

After her elimination, Sam confessed to the cameras that she was somewhat relieved to be out of the game and could leave it to her husband to try and bring home the $500,000.

“The goal for Mark and I is to have one person in that final three,” she said. “Does it sting a little bit? Of course, but the heat has been on me for the past two weeks, and there’s this other side of me that’s happy to just wash it off and to not be public enemy number one for a little bit.”

She also opened up about one of the most controversial aspects of her game, she and Mark’s refusal to ‘fess up to even their closest alliance members that they were in possession of a second immunity idol.
“The big question is, should I have revealed that I had an idol? Deep in my heart, I believe that once an idol is public knowledge, it loses its power. I was holding onto that, because I wanted to make a play. Now that’s up to Mark.”
Australian Survivor continues 7:30pm Sunday on Ten.

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