Avocados from Peru launches an extensive promotional campaign in the United States

The Peruvian Avocado Commission (PAC), responsible for the Avocados From Peru brand, will launch the first major retail promotion campaign for Peruvian avocados in the United States.

“This season, avocados from Peru will be promoted through an extensive marketing campaign with many tactics that have never been used before for the retail industry,” said Xavier Equihua, president of PAC, based in Washington, D.C. “We are ready to work with our strategic business partners to carry out our largest promotional campaign to date. This season, Peru expects to export to the United States an unprecedented volume of 250 million lawyers’ books.

Partnership with NBC, Telemundo and FOX
Avocados from Peru will expand its media partnership with NBC, Telemundo and FOX to include more than 70 media markets, including the top 10 US markets. It will also be the local sponsor of top programming, including the MLB All-Star Game, Gordon Ramsey’s “MasterChef,” America’s Got Talent and the Latin Billboard Music Awards, among other shows.

Peruvian Avocados will position itself as an “environmental and health friend” to educate consumers on Peru’s key agricultural efforts to maximize its water footprint and efficiency while providing one of the healthiest superfoods. To further promote health and sustainability issues, Avocados of Peru will launch the AVO Bike 2022 social media contest in partnership with public transportation authorities in Washington, DC and Philadelphia. The contest will give away e-bikes wrapped in the colors of the avocados of Peru to the lucky winners who live in those cities.

Throughout the Nordic summer, the campaign will include extensive marketing and promotional efforts to encourage the sale of Peruvian avocados in retail stores across the United States. One of the notable tactics they will use is distributing e-vouchers to location-based retailers to reward customers who buy Peruvian avocados.

The campaign will also include a raffle for a Tesla among the participants.

Source: management.pe

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