Bee population declining dangerously fast in the United States

OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KNOE) – Bees provide a vital part of the ecology in the United States. Recently, there has been a dangerous decline in their population. Experts say a normal loss of colony bees is about 15%, but recent numbers are showing a staggering amount.

Amy Weeks, a member of the Northeast Louisiana Beekeepers says it is a concern. “Well, nationwide we’ve had consistent losses of over 45%,” said Weeks.

There is not just one reason for the decrease in the bee population.

“The higher loss count is more recent because we’ve had several pressures that happen all at once,” said Weeks.

Experts call it Colony Collapse Disorder, something that many factors play into. It has been an issue for a few years now according to the United States Department of Agriculture. This could cause many problems beyond just a honey shortage.

“Pollination brings about $15 billion for US economy for pollination of agricultural,” said Louisiana Beekeepers Association Board Member Sammy Ramanjani.

Sammy also owns Sammy’s Plant World where he makes sure people know how to treat their lawns, without harming the bees.

“We shouldn’t use herbicides or insecticides for those bees,” said Ramanjani.

He suggests natural options to his customers and stresses going organic, and using granules to help with lawn care. Homeowners also should help by upping their gardening game.

“Plant flowers. I mean flowers are the bees’ food source,” said Weeks. There are other plant options as well as Ramanhani suggests like Butterfly Weeds and flowering bushes.

He is also trying to get others to be friendly to bees.

“The environment needs the honeybee and there are so many enemies of the honeybee,” said Ramanjani.

Learn more about keeping your yard bee-friendly on the Louisiana Beekeepers Association website.

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