Bill Clinton tells James Corden he’s ‘never’ been more worried about US democracy than in Trump era

Former President Bill Clinton says he has “never” been more worried about the fate of American democracy than he is right now.

“I actually think there’s a good chance we’ll completely lose our constitutional democracy for a few decades if we make the wrong decisions,” Clinton said. Late show host James Corden in an episode that aired Thursday. “I’m not naive about it. I’ve been in a lot of fights. I lost some and I gained a lot. I was thrilled and heartbroken. But I have never been more concerned about the structure of our democratic form of government.

However, the former president said he hopes America will come to its senses soon.

“But until now, whenever we’ve been faced with our own loss, our awareness has taken over and we’ve walked away from the abyss,” he added. “And that’s kind of what I think is going to happen here but I don’t know when or how. In the meantime, we just have to be vigilant, stand up for what we believe in and not return hate with hate. »

The warning came as Congress continues its hearings on the January 6 insurrection at the United States Capitol.

Audiences so far have shown how much Donald Trump and others love Ginny Thomasthe wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, continued her efforts to overturn the election result – even as Mike Pence warned that it was unconstitutionalwhite house lawyers called the plan “completely insane”advisers told the president he didn’t win, and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani reportedly drunk on election nightwhich he denies.

Although the events of January 6 have come under scrutiny in Washington, it is clear that Mr. Trump’s repeated false insistence on stealing the 2020 election has caught on.

More than 100 GOP primary election winners endorsed these false and baseless claims.

Civil rights experts have warned that America’s democracy is in a fragile state, as acute issues like the Capitol riot and Mr Trump’s election collide with deeper issues like racial inequality and gerrymandering .

In 2021, the United States hit a new low in Freedom House’s democracy rankings, putting it on par with countries like Panama, Romania and Croatia and well below wealthier peer countries like the Kingdom. United and Chile.

“It matters to Americans and it matters to the world because the United States is such a visible and visible democracy, a democracy that is sought after for many reasons,” said Sarah Repucci, vice president of Freedom House for research and analysis. Told The Guardian.

“We’re really concerned about these longer-term challenges that won’t be resolved with quick fixes, which have been kind of highlighted during the Trump administration and in some cases exploited by this administration.” she added. “A change of president will not make them leave.”

A similar December 2021 study by think tank International IDEA called the United States a “retreat democracy,” part of a global trend toward more authoritarian governance.

“What we see for the United States is a decline in the effectiveness of parliament,” study author Annika Silva-Leander said NPR at the time.

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