Bonds underwear to sell genderless products by 2023

Your shopping experience at Bonds is about to massively change after the company made a bold announcement ahead of Mardi Gras.

Australian underwear manufacturer Bonds has announced a massive change to the way it will sell its products in the future.

On Thursday, the retailer revealed that all of its stores will go “genderless” by 2023.

Essentially, the ‘UnGENderwear Project’ means that packaging and product titles “deemed non-inclusive” will be reviewed and changed accordingly at the company.

This would result in a “genderless shopping experience” and a more LGBTQI-friendly setting for customers of all backgrounds, Bonds said in a blog post.

“More love. Less labels,” they added.

The initiative was announced this week ahead of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebrations happening over the weekend.

Next year, all the stores that Bonds has control over will have resorted to a gender-neutral shop for customers.

Two years after that, Bonds will have completed a “comprehensive audit of all gendered terms used across product, packaging, and stores to challenge their relevance”.

The decision hasn’t come out of the blue.

Bonds has been in discussion with prominent LGBTQI advocates about how best to change their practices to be more inclusive.

They have formed a panel to continue, which includes fashion commentator and activist Deni Todorovic), creator and DJ Kath Ebbs, poet and model Nyaluak Leth, and Minus18 youth advocate Adrian Murdoch.

Bonds marketing manager Kedda Ghazarian told RagTrader: “An important first step on any journey is to start an open dialogue and hear from more voices.

“This is the only way we can seek to better understand and learn, and Bonds recognises that.

“When gender norms are broken, everyone can feel free to be themselves.

“Bonds has a role to play to make sure every Australian, including our gender-diverse community, feels comfortable in their skin and exploring their expression.”

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