Brennen Davis’s Rehab Seems to Be Going Well (UPDATE: Games in August?!)

UPDATE: Cubs GM Carter Hawkins put some time into rehab for Brennen Davis, and I’m blown away by it.

From Hawkins, who appeared today on 670 the Score:

“Hopefully we’ll get him back in some games in August,” Hawkins said. “It’s a bit of a unique situation with him, he had some weird back problems at the start of the season, he wasn’t playing as well as we hoped. We couldn’t really figure out what it was. It turned out to be a non-structural issue on his back. Now he had to have surgery, which any time you have any kind of surgery, it’s serious. But it was much less serious than we initially feared, so we’re hoping to get him back in games, he’s already in Arizona starting a baseball business, so we’re going to offer him a few games in August, and then think about what we can do in the offseason, whether it’s something like a fall league or a winter ball, just to get those bats back. But he’s progressing well.

Potentially in GAME action in AUGUST? After JUNE’s back surgery? This is incredible news, and all the more confirmation that the procedure was not as dramatic as feared.

Will Davis be able to play at a high level right off the bat if he plays games in August? No reason to count on it, given the nature of the injury and the time out. But what matters is just giving him the bats. Put him in a place where he can attack the offseason with real things to work on.

Shit, Carter! You just really gave me hope!

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I’m absolutely going to take any Brennen Davis updates right now because we already know we’re going to be without the Cubs’ number one prospect for a very long time after back surgery.

But how long is the question no one could really answer with certainty when he underwent the procedure in early June. We might be a bit closer to an answer:

As Tommy Birch reports, Davis is already set to start running next week, and he could switch to baseball activities “soon after.”

You’ll have to excuse me if I stabilize for a moment.

OKAY. So I’m going to continue to assume that Davis will miss the rest of the regular season and just hope that he could play fall ball or winter ball to catch up at bat. I think expecting more than that is just too much when it comes to back surgery and a desire to be TOO careful with a top prospect.

However, let’s just play. If Davis starts running next week and his running progress takes three or four weeks, he could do some baseball activities in early August. And if he needed, say, a month of baseball activity and build-up to be ready for game action, then you’d say he’s potentially game-ready while he stays still over three weeks into the Triple-A season. You’ll notice that Sahadev Sharma wrote this just yesterday: “The team avoided the worst-case scenario and still holds out hope that he might come back late in the Triple-A season…. “

Again, I think everything screams “way too optimistic!”, but update is update. I just didn’t expect Davis to start a ramp up less than a month after back surgery (though let’s remember, the Cubs said the diagnosis and procedure all happened in the “best case scenario”). So that’s really encouraging, even if it only bolsters the possibility that Brennen Davis could play fall/winter ball.

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