Cassioli USA Corp to move U.S. operations to Coweta

Cassioli USA Corp to transfer US operations to Coweta

Photo courtesy of Coweta County Development Authority

Cassioli Groups recently announced its expansion into the US market with the opening of the new flagship manufacturing facility at Creekside Industrial Park in Newnan.

Cassioli Groups, the Italian producer of automated materials handling systems and intralogistics solutions, has announced its expansion into the US market with the opening of the new flagship manufacturing facility at Creekside Industrial Park in Newnan.

CASSIOLI, one of Europe’s leading providers of high-performance industrial material handling solutions, recently opened its first production plant in Coweta, determined to expand its operational footprint in the United States to increase its market share in North America.

Founded in Italy nearly 80 years ago, it has grown into a successful multinational company with four manufacturing plants around the world, including Italy, Poland, Brazil and Newnan. The company has sales offices in more than a dozen countries and more than 320 employees worldwide.

Marco Cencetti, president of Cassioli USA, said the company’s decision to further expand its presence in North America, opening the first US production facility in Newnan, was a logical step in its business growth strategy.

“One of the key trends in US manufacturing over the past few decades has been the sector’s increased productivity. Global competitive pressures have forced companies to become leaner and increase output per worker. Automation is a major factor driving this trend,” Cencetti said.

Since 1987, Cencetti said the hourly output of manufacturing workers has increased more than 2.5 times, a rate significantly faster than that of the US private sector.

“The increase was extreme in durable goods manufacturing, which nearly tripled labor productivity during this period,” Cencetti said. “Having a new production facility in the United States allows us to further expand the capabilities of the business, consolidate the reliability and strength of our brand with professional services and on-site customer support services, and ‘improve schedule and services for current and future North American customers.’

Since early 2021, the company has been considering opening a new production facility in Coweta due to its favorable location and innovative business-focused approach, according to Cassioli USA operations manager Giada Tscholl.

“The facility currently has approximately 20,000 square feet of office and warehouse space, but we look forward to increasing space over the next five years while diversifying and expanding our factory capacity and productions,” said said Tscholl. “Newnan and the county have been invaluable support in moving the business and setting up operations. Cassioli has always been deeply involved in the community, striving to develop new talent with educational centers and local universities and partnering with local institutions.

“The Coweta County Development Authority is delighted to welcome our newest corporate tenant,” said John Daviston, Chairman of the Coweta County Development Authority. “This strategic investment will strengthen our strong and growing manufacturing industry. We are delighted to once again welcome and support a multinational company that has chosen Coweta County as their first base in the United States. I think our county is very fortunate to have the resources to attract and welcome Cassioli as well as our other national and international partners.

“We are delighted to welcome Cassioli to Coweta County as they begin operations in the United States,” said Chairman Bob Blackburn. “Being chosen as the new flagship manufacturing facility is a testament to Coweta County’s good business practices and central location. We look forward to the jobs Cassioli will bring to our community and the local impact they will have.

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