Catching up with Chisholm native, USA curler John Shuster

Fresh off carrying the flag at the Opening Ceremonies and competing in curling at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Chisholm native John Shuster is enjoying family life and taking a breath.

Shuster helped lead the Americans to gold in 2018, and while they didn’t come home from Beijing with any hardware, they soaked in every moment of the experience. Sunday night on Fox 9 Sports Now, Shuster joined Jim Rich to talk about the Olympic experience and preview an upcoming event.

“We went there as a team and we wanted to play well, play hard, have fun and if we did all those things, I think we were going to be able to accept any result we got,” Shuster said. “We just really enjoyed being over there, representing the US, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and it didn’t quite get there for us.”

Shuster called getting to carry the USA flag into the Opening Ceremonies in Beijing the experience of a lifetime.

“Getting voted to carry the flag for our country was the biggest honor I’ve ever had and I think an athlete can have. It was a blast,” Shuster said.

Shuster is holding an event to talk about his Olympic experience Wednesday night at the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis. Tickets are $25 for adults, and $15 for kids 12 and under.

Watch the video for the full interview with John Shuster.


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