A National Sales Tax Is a Terrible Idea

A small minority of House Republicans can force a vote on creating a national sales tax. It will give Democrats a needless political cudgel in exchange for a flawed bill with no hope of passage. The Fair Tax Act has been introduced by a small handful of Republicans in every Congress since 1999. The bill … Read more

Opinion | NATO is more unified than ever. But what about those tanks?

Comment this story Comment RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany — The Western alliance’s impressive unity against Russian aggression has been marred in recent days by an ugly and pointless row over whether Germany will send tanks to Ukraine. But while this dispute needs to be resolved quickly, it shouldn’t hurt the Biden administration’s success in keeping … Read more

Marvel’s Avengers Will Die With Spider-Man Stuck On PlayStation

Picture: Wonder / Crystal Dynamics Late last week, Square Enix announced that its beleaguered Live service game 2020, Marvel’s Avengerswill no longer receive new content or major updates after March 31. And all official support for the game will end September 30, 2023, with digital sales also ending on that date. While you can still … Read more

US joins Europe with fresh sanctions over Iran protest crackdown | Protests News

The US measures, taken in coordination with the EU and the UK, target Iranian officials accused of suppressing the protests. The United States has joined its allies in Europe in imposing new sanctions on Iranian officials and entities following Tehran’s crackdown on ongoing anti-government protests. The US Treasury Department said on Monday that its sanctions, … Read more

Four SteamWorld Games Are In Development, Including One For 2023

Subscribe to Pure Xbox at Youtube Today’s “SteamWorld Telegraph” event confirmed that Thunderful Publishing currently has four SteamWorld games in development, and one of them will be coming to PC and consoles in 2023. This game is Building SteamWorld, which was the focus of today’s show. This will let you “build your own unique SteamWorld … Read more

United States hits Iran with new sanctions over crackdown on protests

The United States has imposed sanctions on the financial arm of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and senior Iranian officials, intensifying pressure on Tehran for its crackdown on protests. Key points: Treasury accuses IRGC of becoming ‘a source of corruption and corruption’ Washington has accused the IRGC of continuing to aggressively suppress peaceful protests … Read more

What is the outlook for 2023?

Crypto gaming has seen solid funding despite the significant decline in blockchain gaming token prices. Venture capitalists – the “real OGs” – continue to bet big on major game studios, with experience and end product key factors. The Web3 gaming industry is in the “building” stage as the hype cycle fades and only the best … Read more