Charles Barkley, Warriors fans trade ‘you suck’ barbs after Game 1

Charles Barkley isn’t a fan of San Francisco, and it’s clear that San Francisco isn’t a fan of him, either.

Leading up to Game 1 of the Western Conference finals between the Warriors and Dallas Mavericks at Chase Center, Barkley didn’t make any friends in the Bay as he called San Francisco “hell” during TNT’s “Inside the NBA” show last Sunday.

Later during the same show, Barkley picked the Mavericks to win the series over Golden State.

So it’s safe to say he didn’t receive the warmest welcome in Thrive City outside the arena on Wednesday night, where the TNT crew was positioned for their pregame and postgame shows — especially when Barkley hit Dub Nation with a “Let’s go Mavs! ” singing ahead of tipoff.

After the game, Warriors fans decided to punch back.

As Barkley attempted to give his analysis of the Mavericks’ dismal shooting performance during the Warriors’ 112-87 victory, chants of “Chuck you suck!” could be heard from the crowd of Golden State fans behind him.

The NBA legend turned and responded in true Barkley fashion.

“Hey, you’re right!” Barkley agreed, then added, “And y’all suck too!”

As the broadcast cut to commercial break, Barkley emphatically told the broadcast crew, “Chuck is here for all the smoke.”

But the hilarious exchange wasn’t over yet, as Draymond Green joined the postgame show and the chants continued.

As the camera broke away, Barkley could be heard saying, “I don’t dislike the area, I hate the area.”

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Green hit back with the perfect response.

“The area hates you,” he told Barkley with a laugh.

Dub Nation was certainly feeling themselves after the Warriors’ win, and Barkley invited the fun back-and-forth with a playful attitude. But Green might have just been taking the words right out of the Bay’s mouth.

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