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Jack Ginnivan received praise for his ability to take free-kicks, but his “skill set” didn’t pay off at the MCG on Saturday when he was pinged for holding the ball.

With Collingwood trailing 15 points at the end of the third term against last-seeded North Melbourne, Ginnivan tried to earn himself a free-kick when he was tackled on the boundary line.

Young Pie appeared to lock Roos’ opponent Luke Davies-Uniacke’s arm over his left shoulder and dropped to the ground.

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Roo Lachie Young immediately signaled no to the referee as the game was called.

Ginnivan was later pinged for holding the ball.

“That’s the one – you can hear the ref clearly say ‘no, you ducked’,” Fox Footy’s David King said.

“And it is considered his previous opportunity. From that moment on, he left.

Fellow commentator Mark Howard wondered how many other players would receive that free kick, but King said Ginnivan forced the referee’s hand.

“He challenges the referee to make a call. So we cannot question the referee’s appeal,” he said.

“He gets as much as he gives…I think that’s great officiating.

“Look here, he takes the free kick by lowering his height. I think it’s a free kick personally. I think there is talent in there. But I’m glad the referee saw things differently.

Fox Footy analyst Jonathan Brown said he doesn’t want players to be “encouraged” to drop their knees when tackled in a bid to win a free kick.

“It’s not so much in the spirit of the game, I don’t want the players to put their heads down,” he said.

“Referees are coached and advised during the game – they talk about things that are happening. They obviously would have been told at halftime that Ginnivan had done it multiple times in the first half. Be aware of this. »

Collingwood manager Craig McRae thought Ginnivan should have been awarded the free kick.

“Last time it happened against Hawthorn I just got the answers they missed a few,” he said after the game.

“It looked like a high tackle that didn’t get called.”

And he hit back at criticism that Collingwood players were looking to take free-kicks while going low.

“We don’t order our players to lean into the tackle, but it’s a skill. I mentioned it five weeks ago…we haven’t changed our approach to it,” he said.

“It puts a lot of pressure on the tackle, obviously it also puts a lot of pressure on the referees.”

Ginnivan had already been involved in a few big first-half moments before the free-kick controversy.

He was knocked to the ground after missing a set piece, resulting in a tit-for-tat between commentators King and Cam Mooney.

“That’s the thing with Jack, he doesn’t invite that (post-kick bump). For some reason players want to do extra things to Jack Ginnivan. It’s stupid,” King said.

But Mooney didn’t have it.

“Serious?” he asked. “You’re kidding, aren’t you, Kingy?” »

“I just don’t see the value in doing it,” King added.

Ginnivan also sparked a fight with former Pie Jaidyn Stephenson when he scored a square goal a few minutes later.

Young Pie had won 23 free-kicks in 13 games this season before Saturday’s clash at the MCG.

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