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Key events

To crush: The quarter-final between Lucy Tourmel (Eng) and Joelle King (NZ) has a bit of a needle and Turmel vocally challenged some of the calls. King held the ball for ages but Turmel managed to bring it back to 11-11. It’s now 15-15, with Turmel having successfully defended 10 match points.

Table tennis: If you missed it earlier, during the women’s team event bronze medal game, Australia had too much for Wales.

Charlotte Carey of Wales looks dejected after failing to clinch a medal this morning.
Charlotte Carey of Wales looks dejected after failing to clinch a medal this morning. Photograph: Martin Rickett/PA

The final, which sees the top seeds Singapore hoping to do better than 2018 and turn their silver into gold, began, and they got off to a 3-1 winning start in the first doubles match.

The second match will be a singles match, pitting Feng Tianwei of Singapore against Alice Chang Li Sian of Malaysia.

female hockey: Scotland now lead Kenya 9-0 after three quarters of their group game.

Team Scotland's Louise Campbell celebrates after scoring her side's second goal against Kenya today.
Team Scotland’s Louise Campbell celebrates after scoring her side’s second goal against Kenya today. Photography: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

To crush: This morning’s squash session started, because there were already not enough sports for me to follow. The show court hosts the quarter-finals of the ladies’ singles. Joelle King of New Zealand versus Englandit is Lucy Tourmel. It’s tight so far at 9-9, but Turmel just got a driving warning.

Judo: There are a lot of knockout judo competitions this morning, but we only get into the medal matches in the evening, when the men’s -60kg and -66kg finals take place, as well as the -48kg finals, – 52kg and -57kg finals for women. This session starts at 5 p.m.

Georgios Balarjishvili for Cyprus is the first person to have a place in the men’s -66 kg final. He beat Scotsman Alexander Short in the semi-finals, so Short will now have a shot at winning a bronze medal.

Nathan Katz (white) of Australia competes against Georgios Balarjishvili (blue) of Cyprus in the men's judo -66kg event.
Nathan Katz (white) of Australia competes against Georgios Balarjishvili (blue) of Cyprus in the men’s judo -66kg event. Photography: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Badminton: He is Malaysia who won the second mixed doubles match in the mixed team event, to tie 1-1 with England. It’s going to a decisive third game now.

female hockey: Scotland softened a bit against Kenyaonly adding one goal in the second quarter, so they were leading 7-0 at the halfway point.

Gold in men’s weightlifting 81 kg for Englishman Chris Murray!

Weightlifting 81 kg men: Englandit is Chris Murray set a Commonwealth Games record of 326kg combined to take first place, then Kyle Bruce from Australia tried to beat him. It wasn’t the cleanest of elevators, and the judges wanted a rerun – then failed it. Bruce appealed – unsuccessfully.

Nicolas Vachon from Canada then got the last lift – he put 7kg on the bar, when he only needed 6kg for gold. An inexplicable decision. He dropped the bar behind him after a wonderful lift, so it’s not a lift.

Gold for England! Money for Australia! Bronze for Canada! confusing for me!

England's Chris Murray celebrates after winning the final and setting a Commonwealth Games record.
England’s Chris Murray celebrates after winning the final and setting a Commonwealth Games record. Photograph: Jason Cairnduff/Reuters

(I also feel like the England team may have decried my weightlifting expertise on Twitter.)

Does anyone else have someone with them who is suddenly a weightlifting expert?

GO CHRIS MURRAY!!!#Bring him home

– Team England (@TeamEngland) August 1, 2022

Weightlifting 81 kg men: This contest has come to an end and in contention for the medals are Chris Murray from England, Kyle Bruce from Australia, Ajay Sing from India and Nicolas Vachon from Canada. Singh is ahead with 319, Murray and Bruce tied at 318.

female hockey: Scotland lead Kenya 6-0 at the end of the first quarter. The Kenyans have already been beaten 16-0 by New Zealand and 8-0 by Australia in those games, so you fear for them here again.

Badminton: I will admit that I am not a badminton expert, but I know that England have just won the opening match of the mixed doubles in the semi-finals of the mixed team event against Malaysia. Marcus Ellis and Lauren Smith defeated Chan Peng Soon and Cheah Yee See 21-12. They have started the second game now.

female hockey: Earlier in pool A, Wales‘ the women won their first game of the group stages, with a 4-0 victory over Ghana.

If you need a refresher on how it works, there are two pools of five teams in a round robin format. The first two from each group will qualify for the semi-finals which will take place on Friday.

The classification of pool A is currently England and India tied on six points apiece after two matches, Canada and Wales both have three points, but Wales have played one game more than the Canadians. Canada will face Ghana tomorrow at 11 a.m., while England and India will play at 2 p.m. in a match likely to decide who will win the group.

Women’s hockey: Scotland are playing Kenya and we currently have a video referee reference. Scotland were already leading 1-0, when a shot on goal was cleared from the line, but with the wrong side of the stick. The resulting penalty kick was converted, so Scotland now lead 2-0. And actually, Jennifer Eadie just made it 3-0 immediately as I typed that. There are nine minutes left in the first quarter.

Hello, this is Martin Belam here. A curious beast, the Commonwealth Games, but one thing you can’t complain about is the sheer volume of sport that takes place there. Give me a moment while I configure my 1,057 different iPlayer streams.

Thanks for joining me for the first pass. The good news for you is that Martin Belam is ready to accompany you in the hours to come.

Peaty: “I didn’t even do a warm-up, it didn’t bother me. I only slept for two hours.

“I’m going to have a strong winter, I haven’t had one for two years. I need to reset.

“People don’t like it, why would they? Going through a period of five years as an Olympic champion is a pressure.

Swimming: Peaty and Houlie finish tied. He looked in a reasonable nickname on the shortest difference, but there is still a lot to do.

England's Adam Peaty and South Africa's Michael Houlie react after qualifying in their 50m breaststroke heat.
England’s Adam Peaty and South Africa’s Michael Houlie react after qualifying in their 50m breaststroke heat. Photograph: Tim Goode/PA

Swimming: Here are the heats for the men’s 50m breaststroke. James Wilby, the 100m champion, takes second place in the fourth run. Australian Grayson Bell takes the lead.

The loser should surely buy the dog…

Men’s balls: Wales and England shake hands. England looked in fine form and the Welsh couldn’t keep up, resulting in a 15-5 victory.

A general view of the green during the men's treble semi-final between Wales and England.
A Wales bowler (right) in action during the match. Photography: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Some news from athletics…

Men’s balls: It’s 14-5 for England against Wales in the treble semi-final. The standard is incredibly high and the English seem to be straining at every end at the moment to extend their lead. We are 15 pieces behind, can Wales get back in there?

Table tennis: Australia beat Wales in the opening match of the women’s team bronze medal match 11-5 11-5 11-8.

Anna Hursey of Wales in action during her match against Yangzi Lu of Australia.
Anna Hursey of Wales in action during her match against Yangzi Lu of Australia. Photograph: Jason Cairnduff/Reuters

Beach volleyball: There may not be a beach in Birmingham, but there will be sand in Smithfield today and the teams will have time for that. It will be like the Copacabana at 7 p.m.

Men’s balls: It’s 10-5 for England against Wales in a triple after 12 ends in the semi-final.

Swimming: Adam Peaty is back in the pool in the heats of the 50m breaststroke at around 10:45. He finished fourth in the 100m final yesterday and hopes to do better today.

Men’s balls: Tomlinson hits with the final throw in the 10th end to earn three points for Wales to make it 8-5. It is stretched.

Bike: Some reactions to yesterday’s crash at the VeloPark.

Men’s balls: England have a 7-2 lead over Wales after eight legs in the treble semi-final. It’s a pretty tight contest at sunny Victoria Park.


It’s another busy day in Birmingham. We’ll have everything from hockey to weightlifting with a little gymnastics for good measure.

There are medals to be won in all sorts of events, including boules and cycling. Hopefully it will be a calmer day at the track after the dramatic crash that saw Matt Walls go overboard and into the crowd during a race, causing the session to be cut short. Fortunately, he and everyone else seem to be fine.

Going into the evening, we’ll have some pretty exciting swimming on our hands. We start with the men’s 100m freestyle final and end with the 4x200m relay of the same discipline, with a lot of people in between.

It should be another cracking day helped by decent weather to start in Birmingham.

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