Connacht GAA Hurling

The Connacht province used to have a tournament that was an integral part of the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship but it has been stopped as the GAA evaluates it and decides if it should continue or not. The Connacht Senior Hurling Championship was always struggling. It was originally only played from 1900-1922 before it was abolished. Then the GAA decided to bring it back in 1990 and it was played until 1999 to try and bring more popularity to the sport of hurling but they decided to discontinue the championship again once more as it was not popular. Galway won this championship the most with 25 titles, completely dominating their competition. Galway county continues to be the county in Connacht where hurling is the most popular.

There is no evidence that the GAA is planning to bring back this tournament and it is unlikely that they will do so unless there is a sudden surge in popularity of hurling in the province. Hurling simply does not have the popularity that it needs to sustain a whole tournament in the region. The teams that do have hurling teams are better off competing in other provincial tournaments as they have tournaments that can sustain the popularity of hurling.