Daddy Magic Claims He’s A Better Sports Entertainer That WWE Hall Of Famer

WWE Hall Of Famer “Road Dogg” Brian James got the wrestling world talking this week by claiming that he was a better sports entertainer than Bret Hart. The comments left a lot of people surprised, with many fans and wrestlers responding to it, but while he believes that is something he was better at than the Hitman, AEW’s Matt Menard thinks he can trump that. 

The Jericho Appreciation Society member took to Twitter and claimed that, “Daddy Magic is a better Sports Entertainer than Road Dogg,” clearly giving a nod to the recent statement that the D-Generation X star made. Menard’s tweet got the attention of several other AEW stars as well, with Trent Beretta responding as he tweeted, “road dogg was always really nice to my face and then years later he sh*t talked me on his personal Facebook Ed screencapped it and sent it to me it hurt my feelings tbh.” 

Another wrestler who responded was FTR star Dax Harwood, who is well known for his passion and love towards Hart as he simply said, “And this whole time I thought I didn’t like you,” making it clear he agreed with Menard.

Menard has been a frequent part of AEW television as of late due to his role in the Jericho Appreciation Society faction, often appearing alongside the ROH World Champion and the rest of the group. However, he has also had several opportunities to compete on his own as of late, getting featured in singles matches against the likes of Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson. Meanwhile, James doubled down on his opinion in a follow-up podcast, making it clear he does truly believe that he could entertain but in different ways other than grappling. 

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