DAYS Spoilers for the week of August 15, 2022 on Days of our Lives

A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of August 15, 2022. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Anna’s hunches have been known to pan out, and this time, she’s raised an eyebrow toward her shady sister-in-law Kristen

Eager to get the situation with Stefan settled to his liking, Li suggests that he and Kirsten consider a mutually beneficial arrangement

A riled Dr. Rolf accuses Li of attempting to murder Stefan while Li attempts to get Gabi to move beyond her “dead” ex

Gabi wearing Stefan’s ring doesn’t sit well with Li, but a confession from her regarding her late husband might give him hope

Exasperated with Brady’s bad-time ex, Chloe contacts Gabi concerning her Kristen troubles with hopes that Stefan’s widow can make them go away

An apologetic Johnny reaches out to Gabi, though Alex might want to watch his ways while crossing paths with wily Gabi

The Kiriakis brothers might soon find working together a bit bothersome, especially as Alex likes to take risks (and double-cross Sonny)

Alex hopes to woo Chanel and Allie, even suggesting the three take a steamy shower together, but Allie might have another idea

It’s no secret that Johnny and Ava have had steamy thoughts of one another after seeing the other naked, and things may heat up once again

There’s never a dull moment at the DiMera mansion, especially as E.J. and Ava continue their cat and mouse game

Ava attempts to keep her temper (and scheme) in check, but E.J.’s relentless rattling of her cage may make her cave

E.J. attempts to checkmate Ava by forcing her hand in order to get Jake’s DiMera Enterprises stocks in his hands

Steve continues to believe handling the Orpheus issue before he strikes again is the best way to deal with the threat

Orpheus toys with his enemies by sending Steve’s Sweetness a souvenir, but threatening Kayla is a step too far for Steve

Stefanie steps back into Salem, much to the shock of her father, Steve, as Lucas has a shocking confession for Kate

A concerned Kate doesn’t like what Lucas has to tell her, while peacemaker Paulina gives Roman something to ponder concerning Kate

Hoping to help him find peace of mind, Kayla voices her concerns for Chad and tries to comfort him with words of wisdom

Chad tries to get a confession out of his sinister sister-in-law Gwen, as Shawn attempts to do the same with Leo

Attempting to find evidence takes Chad and Jada down into the DiMera secret tunnels, and luck might be on their side

Leo insists he knows a sordid detail about the night Abigail was slain, but he isn’t about to talk without there being something in it for him

Leo’s lawyer, Sloan, seems to be just as lethal as Leo, as they scrap with Salem’s incensed commish, Rafe

Casting scoops

Kyle Lowder returns to Days of our Lives

Peter Reckell: Beyond Salem could be “just the beginning” of my Days of our Lives return

Alison Sweeney’s final bow?

Elia Cantu opens up about Detective Jada Hunter

Victoria Konefal out as Ciara

Robert Scott Wilson is now playing Alex Kiriakis, calls Days of our Lives character a “breath of fresh air”

Abigail Klein joins Days of our Lives as the new Stephanie Johnson

Richard Wharton joins Days of our Lives as new Dr. Rolf

A sneak peek at next week

It’s all-out war at the DiMera mansion when E.J. and Ava finally have a fiery faceoff, though she may need an ace up her sleeve to save what she’s schemed for

Due to their dubious doings, Dr. Rolf and Li raise Gabi’s suspicions, while Stefan seeks an audience with his heart’s desire

Orpheus’ heart fills with glee as he toys with old foes Marlena and Kayla, but the duo of doctors doesn’t back down easily

Meanwhile, Steve strikes up another conversation with John about ending Orpheus’ evil reign once and for all

Down the Road Preview: Sizzling Summer Preview

Ron Carlivati previews summer on Days of our Lives, what to expect from Beyond Salem

Abigail’s murder mystery will see a lot of Salemites spend time in the hot seat until the true killer is exposed

Between Satan, experimental drugs, and masquerades, it’s good to remember not everything (and everyone) in Salem is as it seems

Sami returns to Salem, unaware that Lucas was her kidnapper; how long can he keep her thinking that E.J. was the kidnapper?

In a daytime first, a set of twins — Johnny and Allie — fall in love with the same girl; who will Chanel choose?

Roman urges Eric to tell Nicole how he feels, but will Nicole and Rafe’s marriage keep him from opening up?

New relationships are tested by old flames, while old relationships are left in ruins due to devilish designs

Some Salemites certainly shouldn’t be messed with, as they know how to expertly craft a revenge plot for the ages

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