‘Destiny 2’ text chat disabled due to game-crashing PvP exploit

Bungie has announced that text chat in Destiny 2 was “temporarily disabled” after an exploit was discovered that allowed players to crash their opponent’s game in a player versus player (PvP) match.

Saturday, June 30, Bungie announcement that he was “investigating” an issue involving text chat in Destiny 2 (Going through Gamer on PC).

Just over 10 minutes later, the company added that it had “temporarily disabled text chat on all platforms of Destiny 2 while we investigate an issue causing Weasel errors.

As detailed on a thread in Destiny 2‘s subreddit, players shared that the exploit in question involved overriding the text chat character limit by pasting a certain message, which resulted in the game crashing.

Unfortunately, some members of the Destiny 2 The community used this bug to disconnect their opponent from the servers in PvP matches – which meant that the cheater automatically received a win.

Responses to Bungie’s announcement include several clips showing the exploit in action, which includes a video of a player appearing to stream the exploit.

While it’s unclear how Bungie will punish those responsible for exploiting the chat issue, in recent months the company has taken cheating and harassment particularly seriously.

In July, Bungie sued a Twitch streamer known as MiffysWorld for regularly streaming himself using cheats in Destiny 2, and alleged they used more than 13 accounts to evade permanent punishment. The streamer was also allegedly involved in selling “probably stolen” social media accounts and separately threatened to “burn down” Bungie’s offices.

In June, Bungie won £10.7 million in damages from Elite Boss Tech, a company that sold cheat software for Destiny 2. The damages were so expensive because each download of Elite Boss Tech cheats was counted as an individual violation, which incurred a fine of £1588 for each of the cheat’s 6765 downloads.

In other gaming news, the Indonesian government has shared that Steam may soon be “reopening” in the country, after new regulations blocked most major game launchers in the country.

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