Dragonbane RPG Announced

Free League Publishing has announced plans to release the Swedish RPG dragons and demons in English for the very first time under the title Dragonbane. After purchasing the rights to Dragons and Demons in 2021, Free League announced the release of a new edition for the popular tabletop RPG, first released in 1982. The new edition of the game will be based on the game’s original rules and funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which will be released later this month. The game is described as a “hilarity and mayhem” role-playing game, in which laughter and brutal challenges are commonplace. Adventures are designed with minimal prep time.

dragons and demons was originally published as a translation of Basic role play, the set of rules used in Rune Quest. The game has gone through several revisions and editions over the years, with several spin-off games. English-speaking players may know Chronicles of Trudvang, an RPG released in Sweden as a version of dragons and demons but with a new campaign setting based on Norse and Celtic myths.

Swedish RPGs have become a major part of modern tabletop RPGs, with games like Mörk Borg, Tales From the Loop and Mutant all finding a wider audience in English-speaking languages. Part of that is down to Free League Publishing, which pushed original Swedish RPGs alongside licensed games like The one ring and Alien: the role-playing game.

“Dragons and Demons is part of the DNA of Swedish tabletop roleplaying, and we are thrilled to bring our version of this legendary game to an international audience.“, Free League CEO Tomas Härenstam said in a press release. Härenstam will be the main designer of Dragonbane, with works by Johan Egerkrans. The basic rulebook for Dragonbane will contain at least one full adventure, with Free League noting that more adventures could be added via stretch objectives for the new campaign.

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