Eagles rooting guide for Week 10 games

The tenth Sunday of the 2022 NFL regular season is here! It’s time to go through a Philadelphia Eagles-focused rooting guide for all games in Week 10.

This exercise will be particularly interesting this year since the Birds have more to worry about than usual due to the possession of a first-round pick from the New Orleans Saints in the 2023 NFL Draft.



Via Tankathon:


WASHINGTON COMMANDERS at PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: The Eagles will move to 9-0 with a win. They will also reduce the chances of commanders earning a wild card slot. Root for the Birds, of course.


HOUSTON TEXANS at NEW YORK GIANTS: The Texans’ victory benefits the Eagles in two ways. 1) A Giants loss takes New York away from victory in the division. 2) A Texans win gives Houston a chance to move past the Saints’ pick due to Philly in the draft order. Root for Texans.

DALLAS COWBOYS at GREEN BAY PACKAGES: Seeing this horrible version of the Packers beat the Cowboys would be so satisfying. But that doesn’t happen. Green Bay is too bad and stoned. Here’s hoping the Cowboys inexplicably blow it up to give the Eagles more cushion at the top of the division and conference. Root for the Packers.


SEATTLE SEAHAWKS at TAMPA BAY BUCANERS: The Seahawks’ loss allows the Eagles to clinch the No. 1 seed on the road faster. The Bucs’ win is also a positive development as the Eagles don’t want to see the Saints find a path to the top spot in the NFC South. Root for Buccaneers.

MINNESOTA VIKINGS at BUFFALO BILLS: The Vikings are currently the biggest threat to the Eagles winning the NFC’s No. 1 seed. Easy decision to root for them to lose to an AFC team. Root for invoices.

CHARGERS LOS ANGELES at SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: The 49ers are arguably one of the biggest threats to the Birds in the NFC. Better to see the AFC team beat them and keep fighting as best they can for a wildcard spot. Root for bolts.


NEW ORLEANS SAINTS in PITTSBURGH STEELS: Big game for the draft since Pittsburgh is currently No. 3 and New Orleans is No. 6. The Eagles hope the return of TJ Watt will make a big difference. Pride of Keystone State. Root for the Stillers.

DETROIT LIONS at CHICAGO BEAR: To keep the Saints pick due to the Eagles as high as possible, a Lions victory is preferable here. Root for Lions.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS at KANSAS CITY HEADS: For the Jags to stay behind the Saints’ pick due to the Eagles in the draft order, they must win. Here’s hoping Doug Pederson can pull off a big surprise for KC. Root for the Jaguars.

CLEVELAND CHESTNUT at MIAMI DOLPHINS: For the Texans’ pick through the Browns to stay behind the Saints’ pick through the Eagles in the draft order, Cleveland must win. Root for the Browns.

DENVER BRONCOS at TENNESSEE TITANS: For the Seahawks’ pick via the Broncos to stay behind the Saints’ pick due to the Eagles in the draft order, Denver must win. A consolation prize for a Titans victory is that it potentially helps the tiebreaker strength of the Birds victory if Philly can beat AJ Brown’s former team. Root for the Broncos.

INDIANAPOLIS FOAL at LAS VEGAS ADVENTURERS: To keep the Saints’ pick due to the Eagles as high as possible, a Raiders win is preferable here. A consolation prize for a Colts victory is that the Birds will face Indy next week and have a chance to improve their tiebreaker strength. Root for the Raiders.

ARIZONA CARDINALS at LOS ANGELES RAMS: Arizona is currently the biggest threat to have a higher pick than the Saints picked due to the Eagles in the 2023 draft. A win in Arizona helps improve Philly’s breaking strength. tie and also weaken the power of the Cowboys in this category. Root for Cardinals.

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