Eric Bischoff reacts to Cesaro’s WWE release

As reported earlier in the day, Cesaro ended an 11-year stint with WWE as both sides failed to agree upon a new contract.

Eric Bischoff reacted to the shocking news and felt Cesaro had made a brilliant decision to leave WWE as he had already made a lot of money during his lengthy tenure.

The WWE Hall of Famer provided his take on the latest WWE departure and said while the Swiss star wasn’t on the level of what Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar earned, he still might’ve done well in WWE from a financial standpoint.

Bischoff said the outgoing superstar would surely have been aptly rewarded for his consistency in Vince McMahon’s company. While he’d get huge offers from outside the WWE, Eric added that the former United States Champion could afford to go on an extended vacation.

Here’s what Eric Bischoff said in an After 83 Weeks Q&A session on

“I’m looking like a guy like Cesaro and going, he is the smartest f**ker on the planet because he has been making big money, like, by anybody’s standards. He’s not been making Roman Reigns money, he’s not been making Brock Lesnar money, but that’s a whole different universe of the amount of money. That cat’s been making big bucks consistently for a long time, and sometimes as a business person, as a talent, the business side of being a talent, that’s a good niche to carve out for yourself. I bet Cesaro may not need to work again. He has probably made enough money with the roles he’s been consistently a great performer in, at whatever level WWE has asked for, and he’s been making huge money for a long time. So, I hope, if he decides to perform somewhere, he gets a great opportunity and shows us what he can do or, if he has just saved his cash and wants to go skiing in the Swiss Alps, chasing the snow bunnies, good for you!”

Eric Bischoff is all praises for Cesaro

Despite being one of the best in-ring workers across WWE, Cesaro never received a long-lasting main event push.

Eric Bischoff was surprised WWE didn’t make Cesaro a more prominent star as he had all the tools to be a marquee name for the promotion. Bischoff went as far as saying that the former WWE star had the potential to be featured in a James Bond movie:

“I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out why that guy didn’t do more because he’s so good. He’s got, I mean, he looks like a freaking movie star! Right? Could you see him in a James Bond movie in about two years, three years? He’s such a phenomenal athlete and a great performer in the ring. He’s got a really cool accent. He’s got that Swiss accent, such a classy f**king guy. I hope so (that he becomes a main attraction wherever he goes).”

(Antonio) Cesaro is the biggest living dropped ball in WWE history.

Eric Bischoff interacted with Cesaro during his brief run as SmackDown’s Executive Director and said that in addition to being a phenomenal athlete, the veteran wrestler was also a great human being.

Cesaro is one of the most respected names in the entire wrestling world, and, unsurprisingly, even Bischoff is an admirer of The Swiss Superman:

“Yeah, I didn’t. I worked at WWE while Cesaro was there and what a classy, classy guy. I never worked with him, I never directed him, or I never did any promos with him or anything like that, but I got to talk to him a lot. I don’t want to say we hung out a lot together, but we socialized often backstage and just a, God, what a wonderful human being he is. How about an amazing athlete? Just an amazing athlete. I really wish him the best. I really, really like him. He is a good guy.”

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