Erin Molan reveals she’s been seeing a fellow single parent after splitting from Sean Ogilvy last year

After telling listeners she’s back on the dating scene, radio host Erin Molan has encountered her first hurdle – and reached out to fans for advice.

Erin Molan is looking for dating advice.

The radio host revealed on the 2dayFM morning show she recently started seeing a fellow single parent, but is grappling with whether to tell her daughter, and the question of when to meet his.

Molan, 39, was cagey at first when probed about her latest love interest, insisting it’s just “early days” with the single dad she’s been on a few dates with.

“You’re seeing a bit of one particular guy?” co-host Hughesy asked.

“A little bit … Yeah, potentially,” she responded as Ed Kavalee quipped, “What is Josh Dugan really like?” to insinuate Molan was linked to the former NRL bad boy.

Laughing off the suggestion, she went on to pose a question many single parents have likely faced.

“Meeting the kids … When is it appropriate? Do you want to meet the kids? It’s very complex,” Molan said, as producer and single mum Sasha French revealed she sticks to a “six month rule”.

“What’s the norm?” Molan continued, musing: “My daughter is three and a half, so that age is probably easier I’d say … she’s not going to be that emotionally invested.”

Appealing to the listeners for their dating advice regarding kids, Molan wondered whether it should be approached similarly to introducing a new partner to your parents.

“I’ve never felt like (meeting the parents) was a huge deal,” she said, as Hughesy teased: “You’d have a first date at your parent’s house.”

Molan announced she was officially back on the dating scene in January, but “not in a skanky way”, she clarified to listeners.

It came four months after the breakfast radio star announced her split from her fiance, homicide detective Sean Ogilvy.

“It has been fruitful, let’s just say it has been fruitful,” she said of her single life.

Molan announced she had split from her fiance in September last year. The previous Channel 9 host had been engaged to Ogilvy since 2017, and the couple welcomed daughter Eliza the following year.

“We are entirely committed to co-parenting our three-year-old daughter, who is the most important person in the world to both of us,” Molan’s now-deleted post confirming the split said.

“Any breakdown of a family unit is incredibly difficult and we ask for privacy at this time – especially given the private approach that we have taken to our relationship.”

Molan opened up about her tumultuous year in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

“I have always loved family more than anything else,” she said.

“But I think this year in particular, going through a family breakdown and having to do that without mum and dad or any family support close by, just reiterated how important it is to be surrounded by people that you love.

“And just for my daughter, to give her a family environment for her first Christmas since Sean and I have separated is really important and trying to give her as much normality as possible.”

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