‘Euphoria’ Sydney Sweeney Sued By Swimsuit Co. Over Influencer Gig

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has some explaining to do according to swim and lifestyle brand LA Collective. The swimwear company claimed that Sweet was supposed to be an influencer for their brand but instead she wore their clothes on her hit show… and that was it.

Sydney Sweeney Was Helping To Launch The Brand

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Premiere

The up-and-coming brand was disappointed to see some of their swimsuits on the HBO show but didn’t see the actress doing the actual job she signed the contract to do; promote the clothes on her social platforms. 

TMZ obtained the documents behind the lawsuit that state Sweeney was specifically supposed to launch the company’s “Somewhere Swimwear.” The contract was signed in 2021. Not only was the 24-year-old meant to promote the brand, but she was also helping to design.

She was on the board of the company to approve possible designs and prototypes. The company claims that out of the blue the actresses people contacted them and canceled the contract. They didn’t offer a reason, the ending was abrupt and shocking to the clothing company. 

Sydney Sweeney Wore The Swimwear On TV

Euphoria Cast

The company claims that not only did Sweeney and her camp back out of the agreement,  but the actress went on to allegedly wear the company’s designs on Euphoria. Now hang on, don’t get too excited, we have to point out that it was their exact design but more like replicas that Sweeney allegedly helped to design.

They are accusing The White Lotus actress of “appropriating” their designs and wearing them on “at least 5 episodes” of the award-winning show. The company wasn’t specific about which designs but a super fan might be able to pick out which ones from the episodes. 

Sydney Sweeney Could Be Out Some Big Bucks

girl taking picture
Instagram/Sydney Sweeney

LA Collective is claiming that they are out a whopping potential $3 million because Sweeney allegedly stiffed them. The price tag of the lawsuit is a huge amount so hopefully, they can back it up. 

TMZ shared that they have reached out to Sweeney’s camp but so far, no word back. The lawsuit is still in its early stages so there is no surprise there. That being said, Sweeney is one of young Hollywood’s hottest actresses so she could have a lot to lose. Not only is Euphoria basically everyone’s favorite show right now, but the actress has also appeared on several other hit shows and mini-series including Sharp Objects and The Handmaid’s Tale. 

Her popularity is about to get bigger because she will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Entertainment Universe. Her character has not been announced yet but she will be in the upcoming Madame Web film alongside Dakota Johnston who will play the title role. 

Meanwhile In Sydney Sweeney’s Atmosphere…

Sydney Sweeney at the 10th Annual LACMA Art + Film Gala 2021

The actress’s last IG post to her almost 13 million followers was her new campaign for luxury brand Miu Miu. She was also busy getting camera ready for her first ever Met Gala. She wore an outfit by designer Tory Burch and later praised her in a sweet IG post.

“What a dream night!” Opened the caption.  “Honestly the most fun on a carpet I’ve ever had. thank you @toryburch for my first met and this incredible dress!”

Sweeney goes on to write, “still can’t believe this entire night was real 🙂 (also sorry for the double post, insta did me dirty and moved all the crops on my pics).” She flooded the post with different angles of the stunning gown that featured a detachable bottom. 

What will Sweeney do to distract us next?

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