Evo 2022’s most viewed stream games were Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7

The numbers are in, and the most viewed streams for Evo 2022 were when Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and Tekken 7 were on screen, according to stats website EsCharts.com.

The site has tracked 10 games, from the aforementioned titles to Guilty Gear Strive, King of Fighters 15, Dragon Ball FighterZ and more. Here’s a breakdown of how each game performed, in terms of peak viewership throughout this weekend.

1. Street Fighter 5 – 250,730
2.Tekken 7 – 250,566
3. Guilty Equipment Effort – 201,883
4. King of Fighters 15 – 146,360
5. Mortal Kombat 11 – 95,664
6. Dragon Ball FighterZ – 84,018
7. GranBlue Fantasy: Versus – 69,265
8. Melty Blood Type Lumina – 63,417
9. MultiVersus – 62,351
10. Skullgirls: 2nd Encore – 49,483

Accustomed to competition, the fighting game community not only participates in the games we love, but often discusses sales and streaming viewership as talking points about the quality of those games, which provides a canvas of interesting background for these figures.

Other factors to consider when reading these numbers are the amount of airtime received by each game, as well as when and where the main broadcast time was made available.

For example, every game that streamed on Sundays took place in its own time slot without any competition, and these games make up the top 4 on this list.

Additionally, the separation between some of the games on the list is minimal, with 1st and 2nd place being within 200 peak viewers of each other, and then 8th and 9th place, which were only separated by more than 1,000 viewers.

Overall, these kinds of numbers are wonderful to see for the health of the fighting game community, as they clearly show that there is a lot of interest in watching competitions in our scene.

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