Ezekiel Comments On Skipping WWE NXT And Joining Main Roster

WWE Superstar Ezekiel recently did an interview with KTAL news anchors Jezzamine Wolk and Fernanda Hernandez to speak about his career and Saturday Night’s Main Event at Brookshire Grocery Arena.

During the interview, Ezekiel revealed that he’s very “blessed” to have skipped NXT.

“I’m very blessed I was able to skip the whole NXT process and get right to the main roster,” said Ezekiel. I think I’m growing leaps and bounds way more than I would anywhere else. I’m getting to mix it up with the top talent in the world on ‘Monday Night RAW’ every week. Sometimes ‘SmackDown.’ So that’s definitely where I want to be.”

Ezekiel also revealed that he would like to face his “older brother” Elias at WrestleMania as well as WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

“Um, there’s a couple. I’d love to go one-on-one with my brother. I think that would just be a dream match. Me and him at WrestleMania in front of the world, that would be incredible. On top of that though, I got to say, Shawn Michaels. Michaels was always my favorite wrestler. The Heartbreak Kid. So that is a dream match for sure.”

Ezekiel introduced his new gimmick as Elias’ “younger brother” on “Monday Night Raw” after “WrestleMania 38”.

Below is the full interview:

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