Former Olympian Lisa Curry reveals her beloved mum Pat has died

Former Olympian Lisa Curry has suffered a fresh heartbreak, less than two years on from the devastating death of her daughter Jaimi.

Former Olympian Lisa Curry has suffered a fresh heartbreak, less than two years on from the loss of her daughter Jaimi, who died after battling an eating disorder in September 2020.

The 59-year-old took to Instagram late on Thursday night to announce her beloved mum Pat has passed away, aged 89.

“My heart is broken again. Our beautiful mum slipped away peacefully this morning,” Curry wrote, alongside a photograph of her mum holding a red rose and cuddling a teddy bear.

“My brother Scott travelled for 48 hrs from Berlin, my sister Melanie and I continually counting down the days, hours and minutes to mum until he arrived. She waited. We shared some last laughs, memories and lots of tears.

“Ma to Jaimi, Morgan, Jett and Bodhi; Mama to Flynn and Taj.

“My baby girl, and now my mum … 86 years, nearly 87 …

“I took this photo just yesterday … so beautiful and peaceful, I love this photo.

“Thank you for being a wonderful mother. Having a nice long sleep mum. We love you so much and we’ll all miss you.”

In mid-February, Curry shared footage of herself in full PPE, writing that she was “finally” able to visit her mum in her aged care facility after it was locked down for a month.

“Shout out to all the nurses and doctors, or anyone who has to wear this stuff every single day – I don’t know how you do it, I can’t breathe!” she said in the clip.

“Good on you. Thanks for looking after our elderly parents. Thanks.”

The former professional swimmer had previously described her mother as “the contact rock of the family”.

Curry has been candid about the loss of her eldest daughter with former Ironman Grant Kenny, sharing her immense heartbreak with followers on social media and in interviews.

Jaimi was just 33 years old when she died “peacefully” in Sunshine Coast University Hospital after battling a long-term illness.

Just before Christmas, Curry made an emotional appearance on The Morning Show, instantly breaking down in tears as she was asked about the loss of her beloved girl.

“You have been in the thoughts of every one of our fans and followers,” host Kylie Gilles began as Curry buckled over in tears and apologised for not being able to speak.

“You have been open about the toll the past 15 months has taken on your health, so many people out there including other mums can relate to how you are feeling.”

“Sorry,” Curry repeated, as she began to well up and husband Mark Tabone appeared next to her on the green screen.

“Sorry, hang on. The reason why you haven’t sent anything is because I can’t, because this happens,” she said as she wiped her eyes.

“It has been really hard and people have been really supportive.

“I think what I have learnt most is that every second person walking along the street is going through the same thing, so it’s really important to be empathetic of people and be kind to people and just know that people are walking around, feeling like this all the time but people don’t know about it. So yeah, it’s very difficult.”

Curry, who is also mother to model Jett Kenny and Morgan Gruell — who announced her third pregnancy last month — went on to say that her family has helped her through the difficult time, especially grandsons Flynn and Taj who have been “keeping her occupied”.

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