Fortnite Appears to Be Teasing Eminem Event

Fortnite apparently teasing some sort of Eminem event, though fans aren’t sure exactly what it will look like. Fortnite is one of the biggest games out there and has truly grown into a giant platform. Although it is extremely fun and loved by its players, it has also become a tool for publicity and social events. The game is famous for its crossovers with Marvel, Disney, DC, and other big brands. In 2020, Christopher Nolan even launched the trailer for Principle in Fortnite then some of his movies were shown in-game. Epic Games even held in-game concerts for major artists like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott.

That said, it looks like another gig or some other type of event is on the way. During the weekend, Fortnite players began to notice that the in-game ICONs radio station only played Eminem songs, including Venom, the song featured in the Marvel movie of the same name. For now, no one really knows what to think. Twitter user HypeX posted the list of Eminem’s currently playing songs and it’s quite extensive, meaning it’s incredibly unlikely that this was some bizarre coincidence. Given that the game has a history of hosting gigs for huge artists, it’s entirely possible that Eminem is planning to do a big music event in the game soon, but that really remains to be seen.

Epic Games will likely leave this as a tease for now, but if it does happen something will likely be announced soon. Right now, Epic seems to be teasing some sort of Dragon Ball event for Fortnite

, so who knows how many big events are coming to the game, but it looks promising. The whole thing might not be worth anything, but it’s rare for Epic Games to put on those kinds of teases and not follow through. Either way, it’s worth watching.

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