Four SteamWorld Games Are In Development, Including One For 2023

Today’s “SteamWorld Telegraph” event confirmed that Thunderful Publishing currently has four SteamWorld games in development, and one of them will be coming to PC and consoles in 2023.

This game is Building SteamWorld, which was the focus of today’s show. This will let you “build your own unique SteamWorld mining town” as you try to escape a dying planet, and it looks pretty cool so far!

“Be the architect of a SteamWorld mining town! Tear down and build homes for your steambot citizens, feed them, and provide them with ingrained entertainment.

There’s an abandoned mine beneath your town, and it’s said to be filled with ancient technology that holds the key to escaping impending doom. Use the natural resources above ground and the abundant minerals buried in the mine to expand your city. Boost new residential levels to join the quest to dig deeper, unearth untold riches, and ultimately help them get off the planet!”

If you want to try out SteamWorld Build before it’s released on Xbox, a free demo is available on Steam for PC now. You can also check out some official screenshots from the game below.

As for the other three games, it’s unclear what they might be, but apparently we’re going to have several SteamWorld Telegraph shows in the future, so hopefully we’ll know more by the end of the year. .

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