French Open day eight: Nadal, Djokovic, Fernandez and Gauff in action – live! | French Open 2022

The rest on Chatrier: mertens [31] in Gauff [18]

Fernandez is so tough and has so much room for improvement. Back on Lenglen, Djokovic wiped Schwartzman off the court in the first set, a loving hold giving it 6-1.

Leylah Fernandez [17] beats Amanda Anisimova [27] 6-3 4-6 6-3!

Another brilliant win from Fernandez, the losing US Open runner-up finding what she needed when she needed it. She meets Trevisan in the last eight and will crave her chances or go through it.

Leylah Annie Fernandez
Leylah Annie Fernandez celebrates her fourth round win over Amanda Anisimova. Photography: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Despite a double and an unforced one, Djokovic consolidates at 30 and is in control of this first set at 4-1, while a clean forehand winner, Anisimova on the wrong foot, means Fernandez is just one game away from another major quarter-final at 5-3 in the decider.

Anisimova makes Fernandez work hard for her consolidation, but she fights for it and screams loudly when it’s in the sack; she leads 4-2 in the decider while, on Chatrier, Schwartzman is punished for not converting his break points in the previous match when Djokovic only needed one for a 3-1 lead.

And now look! Djokovic scores a backhand down the line for 0-30, at 15-30 Schwartzman goes down a drop, throwing it to the far sideline for a winner, and it’s two break points! Djokovic saves both, obviously, and holds – but on Chatrier, Fernandez breaks for 3-2 as Thierry Henry arrives in the stands.

Thierry Henry
Thierry Henry attends the fourth round match between Canada’s Leylah Annie Fernandez and Amanda Anisimova. Photography: Dylan Martinez/Reuters
Novak Djokovic of Serbia plays a shot against Diego Schwartzman of Argentina during their fourth round match.
Novak Djokovic of Serbia plays a shot against Diego Schwartzman of Argentina during their fourth round match. Photography: Michel Euler/AP

Schwartzman has to duel for his first take, but he gets there; he and Djokovic are 1-1 in the first set, Fernandez and Anisimova are 2-2 in their decision.

Leading 1-0 in the decider, a double fist backhand on the line gives Anisimova 0-30 which quickly becomes 0-40; that escapes Fernandez. But she fights back superbly, a good serve and a securing pick-up two, then a brilliant backhand down the line wins the hold! It’s great from Fernandez, who is such a competitor. Fernandez 6-3 4-6 1-1 Anisimova

Djokovic and Schwartzman bump into each other, Schwartzman again in shocking pink.

Photograph: Christophe Petit-Tesson/EPA

Anisimova, however, forces herself a set point on the advantage and looks set to snatch it, only for Fernandez to whip a forehand winner down the field! A double game ball ensues and this time she doesn’t get away with Anisimova bursting in at two to win the set! Fernandez 6-3 4-6 Anisimova

Fernandez reads Anismova, ready to forehand down the line for three break points when the ball drops to midcourt. She only needs one, and we’re back on duty in two. Fernandez 6-3 4-5 Anisimova

Back on Chatrier, Fernandez just held, meaning Anisimova must serve for a decider at 3-6 5-3.

To follow on Lenglen: Djokovic [1] against Schwartzmann [15]. Don’t mind if we do!

Ah man, Trevisan is so happy and bubbly – it’s beautiful to see. Mats wonders why she smiled at match point, and she says it helps her in tense moments. It’s not easy to do, but she practices a lot. She loves the bounce and speed of the court – Paris is her second home – and she’s enjoying the moment. She now needs to rest because she is very tired.

Martine Trevisan defeats Aliaksandra Sasnovich 7-6(10) 7-5!

It’s an incredible victory for her, securing her second consecutive quarter-final at Roland Garros, and she then meets Fernandez or Anisimova!

Trevisan’s forehand was the most important shot of this match and it won them 15-0… but then Sasnovich plants one of his own on the sidelines for a clean winner, and then we’re down to 30-all. Trevisan defends well, Sasnovich plays a long backhand, and it’s match point!

Anisimova is by far the better player now, easily consolidating for 3-6 4-1, while Trevisan smashes Sasnovich and will now serve for the match at 7-6(10) 6-5!

Anisimova works Fernandez from side to side, earning the right to spank a forehand winner, and she now leads 3-1 in the second set; Trevisan and Sasnovich are 5-5.

Trevisan returns to love, now trailing 4-5 in second set; on Chatrier, we also serve in the second set, Fernandez leading Anisimova 6-3 1-2.

We’re serving Lenglen, with Sasnovich leading set two 4-3 then grabbing a cheap 0-30. She breaks with love, having won eight of the last nine points, and will now serve for a decider at 5-3! This set was much faster than its predecessor.

Fernandez runs to 40-0, tightens up and serves a really tame double, then suddenly it’s hellish when Anisimova lands a comeback! Anisimova then saves another set point before Fernandez finally closes to win the set 6-3, but she will know that on the other side of the net her opponent is growing. On Lenglen, meanwhile, Sasnovich has backed off, so Trevisan now serves at 7-6 (10) 2-3.

It’s always Trevisan who makes the race – she breaks for 7-6(10) 2-1 – while on Chatrier, Anisimova found herself, breaking then holding 5-3. Fernandez will now serve for the set a second time.

Sasnovich battles for a hold at 30 but Trevisan quickly follows suit to like; Fernandez, however, is playing better than both and is now serving for the set against Anisimova at 5-1.

Fernandez now leads Anisimova 4-0, playing with the confidence she would have had winning a thriller against Bencic on Friday. She’s only 19 and looks poised for serious success – maybe from here, who knows?

Sasnovich goes far, and Trevisan takes a first set of 73 minutes 7-6 (10)! She looked like the better player throughout the match and was the one pushing the pace, so losing it would have hurt.

Trevisan dictates with his forehand, and a miss from Sasnovich misses! Nine it is, and I have no idea what’s going to happen next. Meanwhile, on Chatrier, Fernandez leads Anisimova 2-0.

No one wants to win this set! Sasnovich sends a double, not his first at a crucial moment, and this time Trevisan fails to convert by taking a long backhand! She’ll rage if she loses that, and when she goes long with a forehand that looks likely! Sasnovich takes a moment to slow things down, before serving at 9-8…

She goes for a monster but it’s long and Sasnovich goes straight up in her second effort, spanking a backhand winner on the court. But a forehand into the net gives Trevisan another shot at 7-6 and a decent return gets her into the point… only for a forehand error to give it away. 7-7…

…it’s on his service too…

It was Trevisan who got the first mini-break but once again Sasnovich pulled her back and equalized at 3-3… only for Trevisan to win the set point at 6-5….

Trevisan isn’t going to die wondering, ramping up the venom of his forehand to hit a winner down the line for 0-15, then hit another for 0-30. But then another misses and Sasnovich finds his own winner for 30 all; can it close? Uh no. A colossal double yields a break-back point, which Sasnovich saves, but then scores a backhand when Trevisan raises another, and we’ll now decide the set on a breaker. Meanwhile, on Chatrier, Anisimova and Fernandez are out.

Now it’s Sasnovich who threatens. At 30-40, she fires a forehand, then Trevisan leaves for a long time on the backhand… and this time, Sasnovich, twice broken in this set, punishes a winning backhand in cross-court which breaks the sideline! After a sit-down, it will serve to pass in front at 6-5!

Sasnovich sends in the first brace of the match to give Trevisan 5-4 and 30 all – so she is two points from the set. So Sasnovich increases the power on the forehand for 40-30, then Trevisan scores a comeback, and we do it again. Trevisan 5-5 Sasnovitch

The winner of this game plays Anisimova or Fernandez in the last eight. Both are good, but if either of them had been offered this before the competition started, they would have taken it. Trevisan rushes through another love hold and still looks the better player.

Sasnovich survives four break points in his last hold, and Trevisan becomes furious. She’s been ahead throughout this set but hasn’t made it count, and will be extremely queasy if she loses it.

Sasnovich gets his first hold of the match for 3-3, but Trevisan’s forehand starts firing and she secures one of her own for 4-3.

Looking at the female painting, I can’t wait to see how Sloane Stephens fare later. She’s a very beautiful player and when she plays with confidence she’s great to watch. I would be surprised if she won here, but it’s women’s tennis, which means that anything is possible.

Trevisan breaks again; can his swinging left-handed serve consolidate? Uh, not by the looks of things, Sasnovich rushes to 0-40…and comes back to 15. It’s, apparently, pretty parky in Paris.

Sasnovich, however, was even more impressive, winning a thriller against Raducanu before seeing Kerber in two. She backs up right away and starts looking at her home there. Trevisan 2-1 Sasnovitch

Trevisan have had a great run so far and are yet to drop a set. Her victory over Linette was particularly impressive, but Gavrilova, whom she beat 3 and 4 on Friday, is no cup either – and we learn from our commentators that she has already taken four years off the game while she was battling anorexia. It’s great to see her here, and she leads 2-0.

Both unranked Trevisan and Sasnovich are out at Lenglen – Chatrier doesn’t start until 12pm local time, 11am BST.

order of play


Fernandez [17] in Anisimova [27]

mertens [31] in Gauff [18]

Auger Aliasimus [9] to Nadal [5]

Khachanov [21] in Alcaraz [6]



Trevisan to Sasnovitch

Djokovic [1] against Schwartzmann [15]

beasts [3] against Zapata Miralles

Teichmann [23] vStephens


Hi ! After a typical first week of a major — a few bumps, a few breakouts, and a few outright firecrackers — we enter our second with a menu of frankly ridiculous behaviors. Djokovic v Schwartzman and Auger-Aliassime v Nadal stand out, but Mertens v Gauff snf Fernandez v Anisimiova are also very serious, as is Teichmann v Stephens. On it goes!

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