From Software Is Looking For New Talent On Upcoming Projects

From Software has enjoyed consistent success since Demon’s Souls to recent Ring of Elden, and now they need help with something new. Although the development team claims that their next title is almost ready, they have also started contacting new developers to help them with other planned games. Although the next releases have not yet been revealed, it is clear that the studio is looking to expand its staff.

From software developers

From software

As can be clearly seen in From Software’s catalog, the studio is known for creating complex and graphically demanding experiences. Although they may encounter technical problems here and there, their soulsborne the games have gained fame for their design and an incredible degree of challenge. As such, it takes a lot of time and manpower to ensure these types of games are functional, which is why From Software has started recruiting. Their next game is said to be in the final stages of development, but the studio is already planning several future titles and has already posted listings for several positions in the various projects.

While their next game to release has yet to be revealed, the developers at From Software have been discussing their ideas for upcoming titles. The standout one they’re currently recruiting for is a potential follow-up to their mech game. armored core. Released in 1997, it’s one of the longest running games in From Software’s history and would be a significant departure from the games they’ve focused on for the past decade. There is also the possibility that the studio will produce another VR with the development of PSVR 2. Whether connected or separate from their 2018 VR game uproot is unknown.

From Software has created many successful and large-scale games, but needs to ensure that they can continue to support such projects. For those interested in joining the team, applications can be sent to vacancies on their website.

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