GAA Football 2019 PwC All-Stars

GAA Football 2019 PwC All-Stars

Dublin has won the last four All-Ireland championships and they are continuing to show why they are the best team in GAA Football. This year Dublin was honored with seven places on the 2019 PwC All-Star team and deservedly so. Dublin is slowly catching up to the all-time leaders in all stars with 123 all-star awards in football, with Kerry leading on 141 all time.

Dublin’s dominance in the award the past few years has been staggering. Six out of the seven Dublin All-Stars were All-Stars in previous years which speaks volumes on the incredible progress that the Dublin team has made. The team were completely dominant over the course of the season and championship and have continued to show why they have won the past four championships. There is no other team that comes close to them skill and player wise.

Monaghan County is the other team that has more than two players in the All-Star team with a total of three. Monaghan County could be the team next year that unseats Dublin from the top spot and take the championship home. They have plenty of great players and could cause an upset in the 2019 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship.

Ian Burke was the sole All-Star from Galway and there were many people surprised that they had an all-star at all. Galway made it to the All-Ireland semi-final which was a great gift to the Galway fans. The committee this year had things set up differently as selectors were not restricted to selecting players for the final team in the positions they had been nominated in.

Paul Flynn, GPA CEO said, “Congratulations to those who have picked up awards this year. I know from personal experience what a huge honour it is to receive an All-Star and what it means to players to be recognised for their outstanding performances throughout the year. Gaelic Football is continuously evolving and the hard work and determination that has been displayed by these players throughout the season is testament to that.

“Each All-Star winner, the nominees, and their teammates, have contributed to a fantastic 2019 competition and for that we are all grateful. Well done and congratulations to our 2019 Football All Stars.”

The All Stars were honored at a GAA dinner on November 2nd along with the GAA hurling players which is always a great time. The players were thrilled to bring their wives and girlfriends along to the dinner to celebrate the 2019 season and start to prep for the 2019 season.

Check out the All-Star team below:

2019 PwC Football All-Stars


1.Rory Beggan (Monaghan)


2. Jonny Cooper (Dublin). Previous winner in 2016

3. Colm Cavanagh (Tyrone). Previous winner in 2017

4. Padraig Hampsey (Tyrone)

5. Karl O’Connell (Monaghan)

6. James McCarthy (Dublin). Previous winner in 2014 & 2017

7. Jack McCaffrey (Dublin). Previous winner in 2015 & 2017


8. Brian Fenton (Dublin). Previous winner in 2015 & 2016

9. Brian Howard (Dublin)


10. Paul Mannion (Dublin). Previous winner in 2017

11. Ciaran Kilkenny (Dublin). Previous winner in 2015 & 2016

12. Ryan McHugh (Donegal). Previous winner in 2016

13. David Clifford (Kerry)

14. Conor McManus (Monaghan). Previous winner in 2013 & 2015

15. Ian Burke (Galway)

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