RTÉ Live Coverage of GAA Matches

RTÉ Live Coverage of GAA Matches

RTÉ (Raidió Teilifís Éireann) is one of the oldest broadcasting services in the world with its first broadcast going live RTEin 1961. RTE broadcasts many of the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) Football and Hurling matches live on its multitude of television stations. GAA fans will be pleased to know that most of the county matches are free to watch, all you have to do is tune into your local RTE channel to find the matches or go online to the RTE Player and watch your favorite Gaelic sport.

In 2018 RTE showed 45 GAA Championship games including Gaelic Football and Hurling. Depending on the level of the match the football or hurling match will be shown on either RTÉ1 or RTÉ 2. RTE always brings the best crew to any GAA matches whether it be hurling or football. You will always hear expert commentary and great footage where the cameras will not miss a second of any action and you will be able to see every single expression that each manager and player makes. RTE is a public channel so there is no worry that the channel will ever cost anything to watch any of the county matches that are shown on either RTÉ2.

You can find almost all of the big county GAA Football and Hurling matches on RTÉ2. In 2018, they were pleased to cover the revamped All-Ireland Senior Football Championship where Super 8s were introduced at the quarter-finals stage of the competition. RTE also offered even more coverage of the hurling championships, showing more qualification stages for the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship which is a huge step for the second most popular Gaelic sport. RTE boasts that they show both the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship final and the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship final which are both held at Croke Park in Dublin.

Stream GAA Football and Hurling

The RTE does a great job at giving away their content for free and anyone can watch their live feed no matter where they live in the world. All you have to is go to RTÉ GAA and you will be able to live stream whatever is live on RTE1 or RTE2. Certain programs may be blocked because of international content rights.

If you find that the GAA Football or Hurling match is blocked in the country that you are trying to watch by the GAA then your best option for watching the match is buying GAAGO. The service is relatively cheap at $150 for a year-long subscription where you can watch hundreds of GAA Football and Hurling matches. You also get a lot of great content such as documentaries, old archival footage, shows centered around Gaelic football and hurling, and so much more. It is a great deal if you are a fan of GAA Football or Hurling and you should certainly invest in the service if you do not live in Ireland or the UK.

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