How to watch GAA Matches live on Sky Sports

How to watch GAA Matches live on Sky Sports

Sky Sports has started showing more and more GAA sports over the past few years. They are trying to get a bigger Sky Sportsshare in the Irish market and they continue to build their coverage in Ireland to try and lure more customers to pay for their service. This is even more apparent in 2019 when they announced that they were showing 14 exclusive GAA games on Sky Sports which the GAA has not done in the past. The deal was done to increase the likelihood that an Irish patron will purchase Sky Sports and increase the revenue for the GAA.

“Our partnership with the GAA has gone from strength to strength and as we enter into this Championship and the next few years, I’m encouraged about the future and how Sky Sports can continue to stand out with innovation, knowledge and expertise at the heart of our GAA coverage. This year is arguably the best fixture line up in our five years of GAA broadcasting and through NOW TV it has never been easier or more economical for fans to tune in to Sky Sports and enjoy expert analysis and commentary from some of the most decorated players in the game.” said JD Buckley, Sky Ireland’s Managing Director.

Sky Sports features some of the best commentaries that the sports of Gaelic Football and Hurling have to offer. The lead commentators are Dave McIntyre and Mike Finnerty with co-commentary from Nicky English. There are new additions in Mick Fennelly, Dick Clerkin and Paul Earley, with sideline reporting from Damian Lawlor. These are some of the best analysts that the sport can offer so fans can be assured that they will get the highest quality of game coverage.

One of the big criticisms of Sky Sports’ deal with the GAA is that many fans will not be able to watch their counties play because Sky Sports is a subscription service and it is not free over the air like RTE is. I am sure that Sky Sports offered the GAA a lot more money than RTE could even come close to. In one aspect it is good for the sport as there is more money for development and sponsors but it also limits the access that poorer fans have to Gaelic sports which is not great for the culture of the game. The GAA has to be careful and balance profit and fan needs because they could easily alienate their faithful fans.

Streaming Football and Hurling with Sky Go

The only way to watch some of the exclusive Sky matches online will be with their mobile application Sky Go. The only way to access the mobile application is if you have a cable subscription through your internet provider. The price of Sky Sports varies depending on where you live so call your local cable provider for exact pricing. There is currently no Sky Sports Mobile TV currently being offered in Ireland so there is no way to get Sky Sports cheaply in Ireland.

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