Game-Breaking Exploit Gets Text Chat Disabled

Destiny 2 Developer Bungie has disabled in-game text chat on all platforms where the video game is available thanks to a nasty exploit used by some players. According Gamer on PC, some PvP players in the Crucible game mode were using text chat to send a string of text that would crash their opponents out of the game, essentially awarding a win to those who used these exploits with no real effort. While Bungie didn’t officially cite the exploit in its explanation for disabling text chat, it did explicitly state that it was looking into errors associated with it.

“We have temporarily disabled text chat on all Destiny 2 platforms while we investigate an issue causing Weasel errors,” the company’s official Twitter support account said over the weekend. “Weasel”, if you’re unfamiliar, is one of Bungie’s internal classifications for errors. You can check out the official notification for yourself embedded below:

There is currently no timeframe for the return of text chat in Destiny 2, which is somewhat understandable given that it appeared over the weekend. That said, a server maintenance is scheduled for later today, and then patch should be released tomorrow, August 2nd. Whether Bungie will release a fix for in-game text chat with the upcoming patch or release another today remains to be seen. For now, in-game text chat remains currently disabled in Destiny 2 with no specific time for him to return.

More generally, Destiny 2 is currently available, in free version, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC. Destiny 2 Season 18 is set to begin on August 23. Learn more about what’s to come Destiny 2 should be revealed during the next showcase at the end of August. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the popular shooter video game here.

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