Games Inbox: Will there be a PS5 Pro?

PS4 Pro - will there be a PS5 Pro?

PS4 Pro – is a PS5 Pro inevitable? (photo: Sony)

The Friday Letters page is confused by Microsoft’s GTA 6 release date reveal as a reader can’t wait to play again The Witcher 3.

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middle generation crisis
While we’ve heard the first rumbles of the PlayStation 6, it’s good to know it’s not coming out any time soon. What I wonder though is will there be a PS5 Pro and Xbox equivalent? Given the small jump in graphics from last gen to this one, I don’t really see the point of that, but charging people £500 more for a new console must be very tempting for both companies.

Also, you’ve got a build that’s likely to be longer than normal, due to the slow start and the fact that the PlayStation 5 is less powerful than the Xbox Series X, so Sony may feel like it’s having a bit of a catch-up to do. I suspect they will definitely go for a Pro version and Xbox will follow.

I don’t think it’s for me though. It’s too expensive, I have too many money worries right now, and I can’t imagine the differences will be anything but minor. This will, however, test all those people who suddenly claim to care about 60fps, as I suspect that’s the main feature the PS5 Pro would be pushing. Would you pay £500 more for a console that runs everything at 60fps? I know I wouldn’t.

Unofficial date
What a strange thing Microsoft’s rumored GTA 6 was. Aside from the whole argument that doesn’t really make sense (who says Microsoft won’t buy Take-Two next or make an exclusive deal with them?), why are they quoting random websites a la release date of a game they know well has no official information about it.

If investigators know their games, and from some of their comments they seem surprisingly aware, they will know that Microsoft is scamming them or… leaking secret information for no reason? I wasn’t really paying attention to all that Activision Blizzard stuff until now. but I agree with those who think Microsoft is starting to panic.

If it doesn’t go their way, it will be a huge embarrassment for them. and I imagine Phil Spencer’s position will suddenly be much less certain. Especially if Game Pass isn’t working as well as we all imagined.

Christmas replay
I can’t wait to play The Witcher 3 again this Christmas. I’m a little concerned that they haven’t really talked about the console versions, given that they’re coming out soon, and to answer your question: no, I don’t trust CD Projekt like I used to anymore.

Since this is a free update for me, I won’t risk wasting my money, but if I didn’t already own the game, I wouldn’t be buying it new this year. I would wait to see the reviews and comments until I was completely sure it was working properly and I wasn’t going to have to wait until next summer to play it as planned. I will give CD Projekt a second chance but not at my expense.

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cooperation gift
Does anyone know if it’s possible to gift someone a game on Switch? It’s my buddy’s birthday this weekend and I’d like to get him a game, preferably one we can play multiplayer online together, and it would be nice to send him one digitally, instead of just transfer the money or a voucher and say ‘buy this game’. I seem to remember that you could do it on other consoles…

I was going to buy the two of us Wolfenstein: Youngblood as it’s only £4 in the online sale, and I still could, but the mixed reviews put me off (probably still worth £4 though!) But I just saw that the recent Port of Portal 2 has online co-op, as well as great reviews, so I think I’ll get that instead. Any other highly appreciated online multiplayer recommendations!
Stephen (SteJFin – NN ID)

CG: You can’t get better than Portal 2, but we haven’t played the Switch port. There is no gift option on the Switch, as far as we know.

Legal advice
Apparently, Sony rejected the 10-year deal for Call Of Duty and is working to prevent the deal, demanding that CMA Activision remain independent. There’s blatant exaggeration on both sides, but Sony has taken it to another level.

I’m no legal expert, but this guy is, so I believe him when he says Sony’s case is weak. To be honest, you don’t even have to be a lawyer to see the blatant hyperbole in Sony’s claims. So if PlayStation ceases to exist without Call Of Duty, will anyone tell poor Nintendo?

Tough fight
I just read a thing pointing out that the Silent Hill 2 reveal trailer has 5.7 million views on the PlayStation YouTube channel. It’s much more than I expected.

As far as I can get the most out of it, all the previous games, even the good ones, have sold a few million, so there seems to be a lot more people interested in the remake than there ever was. who played it the first time. I wonder why?

They’re hype and curiosity is the obvious reason, but I wonder what they expect? If it’s a Resident Evil-style action schlock fest, I think they’re going to be very disappointed. Assuming the remake is really good, then it’s a properly scary game that, in my opinion, is never really “fun”, just fascinating and disturbing.

Is this the kind of game that would sell? That doesn’t seem like it to me and I wonder if it’s going to be a Shenmue 3 style situation where there’s a lot of apparent interest at first, but when it comes to regular people buying the game and generating benefits for this, no one shows up.

Konami has bet a lot on this, given how many games they’ve reported, but so far their bet is paying off. We’ll see what the situation will look like when they finally cash in their chips….
Pippin apple

Review comments
A bit late, but I think the reviews ratings are needed for those undecided. The fence keepers need a boost one way or the other and a score will help them more than you think.

Have you ever received a death threat for a review or received a mean letter for a review?
bob wallet

CG: We’ve had a lot of mean letters, yes.

Instant Remaster
I’ve put in around 30 hours of Pokemon Purple now and would describe it as a great game in desperate need of a remaster.

There are so many little quality of life improvements in the game, a button to put a pokemon on top of your party, a button to fully heal them without going to your inventory, an option to get a suggestion on whether to learn a new move or not. New gym challenges offer some interesting diversions, Let’s go auto-battle lags in beautiful Legends: Arceus upgrades – the list of goodies goes on.

But the game world performance and graphics are horrible. Individually, in close-up, the pokemon and people are brilliant, but everything else is so shoddy. My main disappointment in Legends: Arceus was the lack of stunning vistas. Nowhere Zelda: Breath Of The Wild style, where you would stop and enjoy a nice view. Scarlet and Violet continue this; just bland landscapes, ugly geometry, boring textures. Where is the artistic flair? Why can’t the biggest intellectual property in the world afford to create a beautiful game?

I’m going to dedicate many more hours to Violet, I’m halfway to completing the ‘dex; I want to hunt shinies now that I can see them in the outside world, it’s fun to play, it was just better to watch.
Euclidean boxes

CG: We don’t disagree, but wanting the graphics to be better isn’t about performance. A performance issue involves the game trying and failing to do something, such as maintaining a steady frame rate. It’s not just you, but the word seems to have taken on a very ambiguous meaning in recent months.

Inbox also works
Your review of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet was perfect, glad to see someone still has a soul.
The honest guy

Sonic Frontiers is reduced to £34.99 on the Xbox store, be rude not to break it.
Al3xdelarge (gamertag)

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If expanded to include all the latest generation consoles (so Xbox One, Wii U and Nintendo Switch), what do you think is the most technically impressive game of the last generation, as well as the one that impressed the most on the artistic plan?

How impressed were you with the improvements made over the gen and convinced that this was a significant step forward in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 era?

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