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The Game Wave Festival is an international event taking place for the second consecutive year from September 27 to October 2 in Tallinn, Estonia at the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel. The first three days of the six-day event are dedicated to game jamming.

The Game Wave Festival is a business, education and entertainment event for game industry professionals. It was first held with great success in September 2021 in Jūrmala, Latvia, attracting participants from 25 countries.

“The Game Wave Festival is an expressive way to celebrate the glorious heritage, culture and traditions of game development, to meet new and old faces and to have fun. He is professional, oriented to have serious business discussions and comfortable, to make friends with almost all participants. I am happy to welcome you all to the 2nd Game Wave Festival!” — Ints Viksna, Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Technology Center.

The festival is mainly B2B, however, it is designed to avoid the “rigidity” that these types of events sometimes have. Game Wave Festival attempts to capture the fun and relaxed vibe we have experienced at other global and regional gaming events. GWF is big enough to get an overview of the main trends in the Nordic and Baltic region, and small enough to befriend all participants – The friendships you make in GWF will follow you for life.

Main event and B2Match

  • 30.09. – 02.10. The Main Event: Conference, workshops, exhibition, pitch competition, business meeting and final presentation of the game jam.
  • The conference and interactive events are divided into 5 tracks: General, Art (Visual, Auditory, Haptic), Unreal Engine, XR and Board Games.
  • The online matchmaking platform is available to all attendees for the 6 days, and meetings can also be booked onsite. Registered members of matchmaking will be able to participate both on-site and online.
  • GWF uses the B2Match meeting and event management platform that works on both web browsers and mobile devices. This platform also handles video calling and conference streaming, so all the features needed by participants are neatly in one place.
  • There will be a private business area for business ticket holders at Tallink’s Fidel Bar with a beautiful view of the Old Town.

The first three days of the six-day event are all about game jamming

The incredible game jam runs from September 27-29. The game jam theme and jam diversifiers will be decided by the jam sponsors. However, the game jam does not end on the 3rd day, instead, the final ceremony takes place on the 6th day of GWF. This is designed so that teams can improve their games by attending workshops and even pitch them and get feedback in our “Mentoring Pitch for Early Career Games”.

Three unique game throwing opportunities:

  • Pitch 1 to 1 author and publisher of board games in a private and closed space, where publishers can take their time to test the game and discuss with the authors.
  • Early Career Mentor Pitch for anyone who isn’t ready for more presentations, but still wants to practice, test their prototype, and get feedback. Jammers are welcome.
  • Nordic game discovery contest The Baltic Semi-Finals where developers from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania can pitch their games to publishers and industry experts and compete for a place in the final.

Three special events, including Business Afterparty and Pool party

  • business party (29.09.2022) will be available only for organizers, speakers, partners and business ticket holders.
  • The pool party (30.09.2022) will be available to Organizers, Speakers, Partners, Business Only Ticket Holders and Pool Party Ticket Holders. You will have access to the swimming pool, sauna, hot tubs and a quieter area near the bar.
  • The after party (01.10.2022) will be available to almost everyone (except for student ticket holders). It will include Marioke, a party table and a quieter space for business conversations.

The 3-day exhibition for game companies, art, technology and education

The exhibition will be of interest to anyone with a professional or amateur curiosity about topics related to gaming companies, art, technology and education. Learning from last year’s success and good feedback, GWF will place staff members to guard the hall, so that expo attendees are not tied to their booths for 3 days.

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