Gary Neville clashes with Jamie Redknapp, full transcript, Manchester United, result, latest, updates

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has been embroiled in a heated and heated exchange with Jamie Redknapp following the Red Devils’ humiliating 4-0 loss to Brentford.

Erik ten Hag’s side scored four goals in the first half to relegate United to the bottom of the Premier League in an embarrassing new low for the club.

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Neville again took aim at the Glazers, United’s owning family, and asked them to face the music in England.

However, Redknapp believed Neville simply couldn’t get away from the abysmal performance of the players themselves.

This has resulted in a spicy clash between the two as United find themselves once again searching for answers.

Read the full transcript of the exchange below!

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Speaking on Sky Sports, Neville said players from rival clubs would not want to come to Manchester United after watching the first half.

“Right now it’s really desperate. There’s no leadership, there’s no voice, you can’t blame the individual player or the manager, you have to look above and look up,” Neville said.

“This week they’re going to get stung these players, the coach, the athletic department, the new CO – they’re all going to get stung. But there’s a family out there in America that literally lets its employees take all the blows for them – and that is unforgivable.

“Joel Glazer has to get on a plane…to Manchester and he has to start deflecting the club’s issues and telling everyone what this plan is with the football club. What is he doing?”

These comments sparked a heated debate between Redknapp and Neville.

Redknapp: I understand, but you can’t…

Neville… no, you don’t have the players before the break, Jamie.

JR: You can’t blame the owners when players perform like that.

GN: Jamie, you don’t… Jamie…

JR: When you’re a player, do you really think about yourself…

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GN: Jamie…

JR: No, let me just ask you a question…

GN: … you have no players before the break.

JR: When you’re a player… We haven’t won a league in 30 years at Liverpool, have we? Look at me when I talk to you! – we haven’t won a league for 30 years, right?

GN: Jamie, you don’t have the players before the break…

JR: …so we’ve been there. I don’t blame the players, but they have to take responsibility. When you are a player…

GN: How many times…

JR: … do you think ‘oh I wonder what Joel Glazer is going to do tomorrow?’ …

GN: How many times are we going to sit here…

JR: …I don’t care. You have to do better for the team when you play.

GMN: How many times are we going to sit here and say these players lack leadership, lack personality?

JR: How many times are you going to say they have to get rid of the owners?

GN: But they proved it…

JR: They spent £1 billion on the team!

Will they still be on each other's Christmas card list?  Image: Provided
Will they still be on each other’s Christmas card list? Image: ProvidedSource: Supplied

GN: They proved they couldn’t handle these players, so they needed a good transfer market. They haven’t had a good transfer market.

JR: It was Ed Woodward’s fault, he’s gone now. Whose fault is it now?

GN: Well, when a business fails and it’s not performing well, it’s the owners of that business – it’s very simple. It fails miserably.

JRL They keep spending money on players, Gary. You can’t keep blaming…

GN: Jamie…Jamie…

JR: You can’t keep saying it’s about… do you think they’re going there and it’s going to be okay there?

GN: They withdrew £24m from the club about two months ago. We now have a decrepit and rotten stadium which is, to be honest, second rate to what was the best stadium in the world 15 or 20 years ago. You have a football project where they have no idea, you put bankers in charge of the football club who don’t make decisions about football. They haven’t appointed a sporting director. We can watch the players as much as you want, but there are so many important things that need to be sorted out first, they need to show up and face the music. It is time. You can’t keep hiding in Tampa thinking nothing will come back to you.

Neville demanded that the Glazers stop hiding in Tampa. Image: ProvidedSource: Supplied

JR: “I understand that about the owners, but you can’t keep saying it has nothing to do with the players.”

GN: “Jamie, I heard you criticize Daniel Levy at Tottenham when they failed for a long time because they failed for 20, 30 years. That’s a fact. So what I mean is they failed at Man Utd for ten years. The club is rotting.

JR: “But he (Levy) is right – you know why. He did what you should have done and brought Antonio Conte in, but you didn’t want to touch him. He would have come here and put these players in better shape than they are.

GN: “He (Levy) built an amazing stadium, got the best training ground in the country, he appointed a fantastic sporting director…”

JR: “He is very wrong…”

GN: “Wait a minute, he’s built an incredible stadium which is the best in the world, he’s built a training ground to die for, he’s brought in a sporting director who knows what he’s doing now has a manager who is what he wants to do at that moment Man Utd is the opposite of that.

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