God of War Ragnarok Producer Addresses Rumors and Delay Fears

Much to the dismay of gamers everywhere, it seems there is no plan to share God of War Ragnarok news before the end of June. God of War Ragnarok is currently one of the most anticipated games to come in 2022. The sequel to the 2018 Game of the Year winner was announced in the fall of 2020, just before the release of the PlayStation 5. It was supposed to be released in 2021, but was delayed to allow the team at Sony Santa Monica to fully realize the game’s potential. That said, we haven’t heard much about it since fall 2021, leaving some to fear the game may be delayed to 2023. God of War Ragnarok With the State of Play absent earlier this month, rumors began to swirl that Sony would deliver game news on June 30.

Unfortunately, it seems that is not true. God of the war (2018) director and God of War Ragnarok The producer flatly denied rumors that the game would receive a big update on June 30. He also went on to squash speculation that the game has been delayed yet again, so even though there’s no concrete release date, fans can rest assured knowing it’s still on track. to release in 2022. Barlog also spoke about fans’ frustration with the lack of news and said the team will bring news as soon as possible, but at this time there is nothing to share.

Whether anything will happen before the end of the summer remains to be seen, but that’s not a new strategy for this franchise either. God of the war (2018) was also subjected to long periods of silence before a big marketing push and release date announcement just 3-4 months before the game’s actual launch. The team is opting for a shorter marketing burst so they can both maintain the excitement and keep as many secrets as possible for the game’s story.

God of War Ragnarok is due out later this year on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Are you still excited for the game? Let me know in the comments or contact me Twitter @Cade_Under.

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