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Gordon Brown has claimed Britain is ‘at war with America over Ireland’ – amid opposition from US politicians to plans to tear up the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The former prime minister has told Sky News interviews with Beth Rigby that there is no chance the UK will sign a trade deal with the world’s biggest economy unless the issues are ironed out.

He directly linked the issue to the cost of living crisis which threatens to worsen in the coming months – arguing that without repairing trade relations with key export markets, the economic pressure would drag on for years.

In an extensive interview, Mr. Brown also claimed Boris Johnson had no plan to tackle the cost of living and called him on TV to explain ‘what needs to be done’ ahead of what is expected to be a sharp drop in living standards over the next few months .

The former Labor Prime Minister said he did not wish to personally criticize Mr Johnson, but made a scathing reference to a very mocked CBI speech last November in which he “was talking about Peppa Pig instead of talking about industrial strategy”.

Mr. Brown also referred to past relationships with Vladimir Poutine and the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko on British soil in 2006 – revealing that at the time the UK knew that Mr Putin was sending more assassins to the UK to target others.

His most catchy language concerned the impact of UK policy on Northern Ireland Protocol across the Atlantic.

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The protocol governs Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit trade deals, but problems created by its implementation have led to a political stalemate, with unionists backing away from power-sharing until they are resolved.

Legislation to tear up parts of the deal this week passed its first cleared his first hurdle in the Commons – despite scathing criticism from MPs including another former prime minister, Theresa May, and putting Britain on a collision course with the EU.

Gordon Brown talks to Beth Rigby from Sky 6/29/22
Gordon Brown speaks to Sky News political editor Beth Rigby

It also raised concerns among key US lawmakers in Washington.

Mr Brown said the UK needed to restore trade relations with Europe and the US as it sought to recover its economy – but was ‘at war, if you will’ with both .

He said: “We are at war with America over Ireland because America will not sign a trade treaty with Britain until we can sort out the Irish issues. “

Mr Brown said that would be the case even if US President Joe Biden continued to support a trade deal.

“He may think that, but the US Congress won’t think that,” he said.

“There is no chance of a trade deal between Britain and America unless we can solve the problems in Ireland, and of course there is no chance of to get better trade relations with Europe unless we can also solve these problems.

“And that’s integral to our future, because if we can’t export to major markets around the world, and if we can’t do it successfully with these new industries and these new technologies, then the crisis in the cost of life will accompany us for years and not just temporarily.”

Mr Brown, who was at the heart of New Labor under Tony Blair – who served as Chancellor for a decade from 1997 before becoming Prime Minister – was scathing about Mr Johnson’s approach to the cost crisis of life which has seen inflation rise to a four decades high.

The former prime minister, who played a leading role in the global response to the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, said of the current government: “There is no plan. They don’t seem to know what to do.

“There should be a TV show by the Prime Minister explaining what needs to be done.

“You can’t get through a winter where people are being asked to suffer the biggest reduction in their standard of living in 50 years and not asking people to understand what you’re trying to do and give them a plan. for what we do.”

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Mr Brown, who as Chancellor gave the Bank of England independence in setting interest rates in 1997, did not spare the Bank in his assessment of the current situation.

“The aim of the Bank of England is to help us get back to stable prices, and stable prices can be 2% or 3% or 4%.

“But to get there they have to show us a way – and unless there is a way people will be excused for thinking inflation might be 11% this year, 12% next year. or 13% the year after – and the Bank of England didn’t do that.”

But his harshest criticism was reserved for the government – echoing claims by other politicians that his approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol, the World Trade Organization and the European Convention on Human Rights man has damaged his global reputation.

“I think Britain needs to be very careful that we are respected around the world because we are a country that values ​​the rule of law, democracy, liberty, freedom,” Mr Brown said. .

“If we seem to be ignoring the treaties we agreed to sign, the laws we asked other countries to sign, the rules that all UK governments have historically accepted… then it is hard to persuade other countries listen to the advice we give you.

“I would advise against Boris Johnson going any further, if you will, by ignoring the rule of law.”

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