Great gaming chairs for under R5,000 in South Africa

South Africans looking for a comfortable gaming chair have plenty of options that won’t break the bank.

While building a powerful PC is where gamers spend the most money, an uncomfortable chair could easily cut short your gaming session.

When buying a gaming chair, it is essential to consider its maximum weight capacity, the material used for the frame and base, the class of gas cylinder and the material of the seat.

As for the frame and base material, steel or metal alloys are more durable than other materials.

Gaming chairs use gas cylinders to provide height adjustment, which falls into four classes.

You should opt for a chair with a class 4 gas cylinder rather than one with a lower rating since class 4 supports the most weight and is more durable than class 2 or 3 cylinders.

Most gaming chairs on the market use types of synthetic leather, like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU) leather, which generally tear more easily than the real thing.

However, synthetic leather is more sun resistant and breathable than its animal counterpart.

While gaming chairs might sound appealing if you’re on a budget, the general consensus is that office chairs are a superior long-term investment.

We scoured Takealot, Incredible Connection, Wootware, Progenix, and Evetech for the best gaming chairs under R5,000.

Cooler Master Caliber R1S Camo Gaming Chair – R4,003 (Progenix)

The Caliber R1S chair by Cooler Master is made of PU synthetic leather.

The chair supports a maximum of 150 kg, can tilt almost 180 degrees and has a height-adjustable seat and armrests.

The Caliber R1S has removable head and lumbar spine pillows, which Cooler Master says prevents slouching.

Corsair CF-9010042-WW TC70 Remix Black Gaming Chair — R4,251 (Wootware)

The Corsair TC70 Remix gaming chair features a plywood frame with built-in foam lumbar support and a maximum weight capacity of 124 kg.

The seat uses a class 3 gas bottle, which adjusts the seat by 100mm.

The TC70 reclines 105 degrees and features 3D adjustable armrests that can move in three dimensions – up and down, back and forth, and swivel.

Cougar Armor Advanced Gaming Chair – R4,299 (Takealot)

The Cougar’s Armor gaming chair can support up to 120 kg, comes with an all-steel frame and is covered in breathable PVC synthetic leather.

The seat has a class 4 gas bottle and four-way adjustable armrests.

It tilts 180 degrees without any position locks while in motion, allowing users to precisely customize the angle.

Users can also turn a knob under the chair to adjust the resistance they feel when tilting the backrest.

The Armor gaming chair comes with removable lumbar support and head pillows.

Cougar Ranger Gaming Sofa – R4,399 (Takealot)

The Cougar Ranger Gaming Sofa is a great choice for gamers who prefer comfort over function.

The sofa has a steel frame and is made of polyvinyl chloride synthetic leather.

It can support weights up to 160 kg and tilts at an angle of 160 degrees from 95 degrees.

The sofa also features a foldable lazy boy-like footstool that pops up when you lay down.

HHGears XL-800 Gaming Chair – R4,699 (Evetech)

The HHGears XL-800 has a steel frame and an aluminum alloy base and supports up to 158 kg.

It uses cold-cured foam with PU leather to maintain comfort throughout long gaming sessions.

Compared to other gaming chairs on this list, the XL-800 has a smaller tilt range, between 80 and 135 degrees.

Black and Red Redragon King of War Gaming Chair – R4,999 (Amazing Connection)

The frame and base of the Redragon King of War gaming chair is made of metal and can withstand a maximum weight of 150 kg.

Its seat can be raised by 80 mm using a class 3 gas cylinder, recline 180 degrees and has two-dimensional adjustment of the armrests.

Redgragon claims that the chair’s ergonomic design “improves blood circulation and promotes correct posture.”

Vertagear Racing Series SL5000 Gaming Chair – R4,999 (Evetech)

Vertagear’s gaming chair is the only proper gaming chair on this list because it can be upgraded with a compatible RGB LED kit, which is sold separately.

The steel frame and aluminum base can support a maximum of 120 kg.

The SL5000 uses PUC synthetic leather, a combination of polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane leather, which is said to maintain comfort without sacrificing durability.

Vertagear uses “Ultra Premium High Resilience” foam to protect against warping from long-term use.

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