GT USA Wilmington Welcomes ACME-Hardesty,  A New Customer to The Port of Wilmington

GT USA Wilmington recently hosted the M/V PORTHOS, a General Cargo Vessel built in 2011, carrying cargo of glycerin from Malaysia for Acme-Hardesty company to the port of Wilmington, Delaware.

A New Port of Wilmington Client, Acme-Hardesty Started Operations Over 80 Years Ago previously as a division of Jacob Stern and Sons. Today, the company is one of the largest distributors castor oils and derivatives, palm derivatives, preservatives and surfactants and renewable palm glycerin, fatty acids and fatty alcohols.

The glycerin shipment unloaded at Wilmington is used in the manufacture of many product categories, i.e. hand sanitizers, personal care, cosmetics and cleaning products.

Company Representatives, Matt Hoyle, Director of Supply Chain, Aurelio Castilla, Director of International Operations, Caren Dres-Hajeski, Vice President of Personal Care and Marketing were on hand to see the operations on the first day.

Glycerin shipment had previously been shipped in containers, but due to the continued challenges caused by global container shortages, Acme-Hardesty thought “outside the box” and switched to a bulk shipping method to ensure that they eliminate any delays in their supply. to their customers. Their decision paid off and GT USA Wilmington is honored to have played a role in helping the company in this area.

Matt Howle, Director of Supply Chain for Acme-Hardesty, said, “Working with our terminal partner, GT USA, and our Delaware warehouse partner, Sardo and Sons, Acme-Hardesty Supply Chain has broken the next step in realizing our sustainable reliability strategy. Freight. We have worked with our partners to establish a new cargo flow for Acme-Hardesty imports using bulk carrier vessels. These open-hull vessels allow Acme-Hardesty to bring in large quantities of our most important products without the impact of global container restrictions. Partners like GT USA and Sardo and Sons have been amazing full-service partners who have shown that they are working seamlessly with Acme-Hardesty to successfully break into break bulk. We look forward to many more expeditions with these vessels as they will continue to play an important role in our global supply chain network.

The ship was unloaded in two days and operations were carried out safely and efficiently, with the product moving very quickly to its final destination.

Joe Cruise, CEO of GT USA Wilmington, “We are thrilled to welcome Acme-Hardesty to the Port of Wilmington and to be able to welcome their team to personally see these operations first hand. the incredible work of our union partners to unload this cargo safely and quickly.

About GT USA Wilmington

GT USA Wilmington is an American division of Gulftainer, a private and independent terminal operator and logistics company with operations and business interests in the Middle East and United States. The company signed a 50-year agreement to manage operations at the port of Wilmington. This agreement marks Gulftainer’s second venture in the United States and follows the signing of a 35-year agreement with the Canaveral Port Authority in Florida. For more information, go to

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Founded in 1923, the Port of Wilmington is a full-service Mid-Atlantic seaport on the Delaware River strategically located to provide overnight access to two hundred million North Americans consumers. Wilmington is North America’s premier banana port and the premier national port gateway for imports of fresh fruit and juice concentrates. The port was one of the first certified “360 Quality” maritime terminals in the United States and Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified, highlighting its high quality handling standards for perishable goods. An economic engine for State of Delaware and area, commercial activity at the port creates more than 5,900 families jobs and annually generates $436 million in business income, $409 million in personal income and $41 million in local taxes. The port is operated by GT USA Wilmington, LLC. For more information, visit Where

About Acme-Hardesty

Acme-Hardesty turns 80! A division of Jacob Stern & Sons, Inc., Acme Hardesty is one of North America’s largest distributors of castor oil and derivatives, oleochemical derivatives, biobased products, preservatives and surfactants, as well as a complete range range of renewable palm glycerin, fatty acids, fatty alcohols and specialty esters. A member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Acme-Hardesty advocates the use of sustainable and renewable products and the development of biobased solutions for the real world applications in the future.

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