Hearthstone players are getting up to 150 free packs as a welcome back gift

A handful of lucky Hearthstone players who’ve spent time away from Blizzard’s card game/vampire wallet find a bunch of free card packs waiting for them when they hit up Battle.net. Here is a player who received 150 packs as a “welcome gift” (opens in a new tab)and another who thought it was wrong until they logged in and also found 150 packs waiting for them (opens in a new tab). Not everyone received the same unusual generosity. This player only received 20 packs (opens in a new tab)which is still not to be despised.

What is happening here? As a Blizzard spokesperson told PC Gamer, “We do a lot of limited and targeted testing like this to better determine what drives interest from old, new, or current players, which is a practice This was a region-specific test for Hearthstone in the UK and France for a subset of affected players who were first randomly sorted into groups before being tested in the industry. see assign a corresponding offer between 20 and 150 packs.”

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