Hogwarts Legacy character creator has binary voices and housing instead of gender options

The Hogwarts Legacy character designer has a few options that seem to point to an inclusive effort for transgender fans.

The character creator lets you create your character freely without even seeing a gender option. Going through a series of tabs, you’ll choose a character preset, then your face shape, hairstyle and color, skin tone and facial features, and eye color and eyebrow shape.

On the last tab, you choose between “voice one” and “voice two” – each of these sounds are quite traditionally masculine or feminine, although you can also adjust the pitch of the voice. You will also choose your character’s dormitory: ‘witch’ or ‘wizard’. The voice and housing choices are independent of each other and your character’s visual appearance.

Hogwarts Legacy

(Image credit: WB Games)

These types of options are increasingly common in video games, but Hogwarts Legacy has come under particular scrutiny in this regard, given series creator JK Rowling’s publicly stated harmful views regarding rights. transgender people. The character creation options revealed today were detailed in an insider report over a year ago, so it looks like the devs have been looking into this for some time.

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